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The Butterfly Movement was formed to provide footwear to those who had been rendered helpless or disadvantaged due to their inability to acquire footwear.

Who we are

The Butterfly Movement is an organisation that was formed in the year 2011. It was formed to see to it that people who had been rendered helpless or disadvantaged mainly due to the fact that they do not have footwear will be provided with shoes in order that they can also go about their daily activities without any limitations.

What is the vision of the Butterfly Movement?

The vision of the Butterfly Movement is to help build a society where each and every individual gets to do what he or she wants to do without being limited by his or her inability to acquire footwear.

What is the mission of the Butterfly Movement?

The mission of the Butterfly Movement is to see to it that there isn’t a person in the world who gets hindered from achieving his or her life potentials mainly because he or she does not have proper footwear.

What does the Butterfly Movement value?

The Butterfly Movement values the ability of an individual to initiate the changes that he or she wishes to see around him or her.

The Butterfly Movement since its formation has been working in various locations both within Australia and in other countries supplying footwear to those who do not have some. Without footwear, people are limited in various ways from taking active part in a number of activities that are organised in their locality. This is why the Butterfly Movement seeks to make sure that such people get provided with the footwear that they need in order to be in a better position to strive towards achieving their goals in life.

What are the ways through which people can support the work of the Butterfly Movement?

The Butterfly Movement, since its formation has been providing footwear for people all over the world and due to the fact that it is a not-for-profit charity organisation, it relies heavily on the support that it gets from people who live in the communities in order to be able to carry on with the services that it has been providing. This is why the Butterfly Movement has made the following avenues available so that the people who are touched by the plight of those without footwear can also get involved with helping to provide some footwear for them. The ways include;

Become a member of the Butterfly Movement

This is a way which gives the public the chance to have a say in the various activities that the Butterfly Movement performs. It goes with the responsibility of paying monthly membership dues by each and every member of the Butterfly Movement.

Make a donation

This way allows the general public to make a donation to the Butterfly Movement on a one-time basis which means that such a donation is made only once and you are not obliged to continue.

Hold a shoe drive

This involves the undertaking of an activity to collect footwear from people around you and donate them to the Butterfly Movement.


This deals with organising your own fundraising event to raise funds for the Movement or you can take an active part in the various fundraising events held by the Movement periodically.

How is your support used?

The support that is gotten from members of the community is used in ensuring that each and every individual who does not have the luxury of acquiring a shoe gets provided with one free of charge.

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