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St George Foundation

The St George Foundations goal is to help and support the Australian children to live their dream by raising their standards of living

St. George Foundation is a registered charity that invests in development programs run by smaller charity groups who attract little funding from the government bodies and who are not able to generate significant funds of their own to meet their organizational needs. Since smaller charities are more close to the families and communities in general so the St. George Foundation provides those bodies with credible amount to cater for the needs and requirements of the needy. Till date the foundation has provided funds worth $23 million to almost 800 small organizations working at the community level across Australia.

It helps to build a secure and safe future for the physically, socially and economically disadvantaged and underprivileged children and supports them to explore their potential and ability. It is committed to its work to change the lives of the Australian children so they may not feel second to anyone. The goal of the foundation is to increase the standard of living of the people who are unable to enjoy life to its fullest due to lack of resources. The foundation is not in direct contact with the disadvantaged people, but it helps them indirectly by providing funds to the organizations that are close to them and who understand their circumstances.


St. George Foundation was established in 1937 as a financial services institution in southern Sydney. It was initially a cooperative building society which gradually grew up to be a large financial institution and a registered charity. In 1945 it merged with the Cronulla Cooperative Building Society and opened its 38 branches. It has a long and proud history in being the financial service provider in Australia. In the next forty years, it has established itself as Australia’s leading building society. It got registered as a charity in the year 1989 and recognized itself as a foundation. Its aim and goal was to offer committed services in the field to enhance and increase the quality and standard of life of the children in Australia so they may live up to their own dreams and expectations and be not stopped by financial and economic restraints. For this purpose it started giving financial grants to smaller organizations that were relatively closer to such people at the community level, but were unable to generate significant funds to achieve their goals.

In 1992, St. George acquired a full banking status and was granted a banking license. In 1994 it acquired the Commercial Banking Division of Barclays and became a full service bank. It was the first bank to launch electronic banking to business customers and in 1997 it became the fifth largest bank in Australia. St. George excelled in technology and surpassed all other banks in the provision of latest services. Over the years it did a lot of partnerships in business and corporate sectors with an aim to establish itself as a Superbank. In 2000, it acquired the Scottish Business Finance Group and in 2001 it gained Deutsche Bank’s Australian margin lending business. It purchased SEALCORP and partnered with New Zealand’s largest supermarket retailer Foodstuffs. It was the first bank to launch sms alerts on mobile phones in 2004.

In 2008 after regulatory approval of the shareholders, the St. George group merged with the Westpac Banking Corporation. It became Australia’s leading and most renowned financial services organization with the contribution of 30% of its merged business. However, in 2010 the St. George Bank Limited was de-registered from the Westpac Group and became a single authorized entity working significantly with the Westpac Group. It offers a great variety of banking and financial services and products to its customers belonging to business and corporate sectors. It offers specialist advice to its customers in matters Transaction Banking and Treasury Services, Trade Finance, Cash Flow Finance, Property Finance, Automotive and Equipment Finance. It uses third party distributors like ATMs, call centres, EFTPOS terminals and internet banking for the conduction of customer activities in an efficient and convenient way. It has 28 business banking centres as well as internet and telephone banking channels through which it conducts sales and business activities for customers of business and corporate fields. Its relationship managers make sure the smooth and efficient flow of communication between the bank and its customers.

Today St. George has 396 retail branches all over Australia with more than 5700 staff members employed for the provision of innovative and specialist financial advice as well as exceptional services and award winning products for its customers in business and corporate sectors. It offers authentic commitment and devotion to its communities along with friendly local banking and exceptional business banking services to its customers.


St. George Foundation has established itself as one of the best financial services provider to all its customers at personal, business and corporate levels. Its goal is to help and support the Australian children to live their dream by raising their standard of living by providing them the opportunities that are available to other children. It has taken an initiative to invest its finances in the development programs run by smaller charity groups for the betterment of the disadvantaged families across Australia. The idea is that smaller charity groups are generally closer to the disadvantaged families and communities who need help and support to grow in the society. But these charity groups are somehow not able to generate funds of its own or even attract large financial support from the government to run its development programs and hence the people they support remain underprivileged. ST. George Foundation thus provides them with the much needed financial services for their own development as well the community’s. So far the Foundation is fulfilling its aim of helping the disadvantaged children by donating funds to more than 800 charity groups working locally across Australia. It ensures that all its funds go directly to the people in need. With its extraordinary history and remarkable development it has grown into a reputable financial service provider. Its provision of considerate and committed services to its customers has earned it a special place in people’s hearts.

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