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St Laurence Old Boys Association

St Laurence Old Boys Association is a non-profit charity organization that aims to raise funds for the education of boys at St Laurences College, Brisbane.

St Laurence Old Boys Association is a non-profit charity organization that aims to raise funds for the education of boys at St Laurence’s College, Brisbane. It supports children who are not able to afford good education due to their unfortunate circumstances and disadvantaged position in the society. It supports single parent families, families facing critical financial problems, indigenous families and refugees whose means do not support them to afford quality education for their children.

St Laurence College is an active group of old boys that are into two main bodies to uphold fellowship amongst former students and provides avenues for the present students who are the young men of today.

St Laurence Old Boys Association (SLOBA) was founded in1954 is alumni association that promotes fellowship amongst old boys by arranging events by distributing Sloba newsletters regularly.

SLOBA was established in 1988, which is a charitable trust devoted to the relief of poverty and education advancement by raising funds making it possible for the needy boys to attend the college.


St Laurence’s College Old Boys Association provides platform for the Old Boys to stay connected to each other at the college. The main functions organised each year for Old Boys include:

  • The Annual Old Boys Dinner for all Old Boys
  • Senior Old Boys’ Luncheon

SLOBA publishes newsletter on regular basis and a number of times each year. Newsletter keeps the Old Boys informed about current events and points of interest concerning old boys which will be forwarded to all members of association.


St Laurence’s Old Boys’ Foundation is about building lives. Since its establishment it has worked closely with St Laurence’s College and Old Boys Association to promote the vision of Edmund Rice, the founder of the Congregation of the Christian Brothers. He was a business man who was drawn to the troublesome life of poor children whose could not afford to send their children to school. He gave his life to education and for decades the Christian Brothers worked for Edmund Rice and provided the opportunity to educated the boys and the family who were in need. The aim of the Foundation is to take up the responsibility from the Christian Brothers and continue their culture of education and giving.

Honorary Life Members

As an acknowledgement Honorary Life Membership has been awarded to those who have dedicated their services to this association. Following individuals are the members

  • Di Taylor
  • Br R.O. Grundy
  • Tom Kruger
  • John Moffat
  • Noel Mather
  • John Nash
  • Gerard Osborne
  • Bob Rea

This College has produced many genius minds who have offered great contributions to the nation through their abilities and intellect. It will in the future continue to support the children of disadvantaged families who are not able to afford good education for their children. The foundation is thus upholding the tradition of empowering the poor and underprivileged class by allowing them to contribute to the society by exploring their potentials and abilities.

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