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Stewart House

Stewart House is a non profit making charity organization that seeks to provide children with the chance to live a life that is free from all medical ailments.

About us

Stewart House is a non profit making charity organization that seeks to provide children with the chance to live a life that is free from all medical ailments and also allows the children to become very confident in whatever that they decide to achieve in life. This Foundation therefore sees to it that children are made to live an esteemed life that which comes as a result of a healthy being.

The Stewart House charity organization was established in the year 1931 and has since that then being rendering various services to children within NSW and ACT.

The purpose of Stewart House

The main purpose of Stewart House is to provide support services for kids throughout NSW and ACT to ensure that they are given the chance to live a life that is free from worries.

This is an organization that provides a 12 day service to each and every child within NSW and ACT in order to ensure that they are properly cared for and provided with an environment that allows them to increase their self confidence.

Services provided to these children during the 12 day period include;

  • The provision of dental care services
  • The provision of optical care
  • Hearing services
  • The screening of child medically

The provision of treatment for those who will be diagnosed with any ailment.

These services are basic and each and every child who comes to Stewart House will be afforded all of them.

The children are also provided with other services like;

  • The emotional support services
  • The educational support services

The educational support service is to create an environment which allows the kids to realise the various intellectual things that they are capable of doing when provided with the right teaching and learning environment. This is one area of the Stewart House charity organization which the Educational Department of NSW provides financial an infrastructural support for including the human resource needed to carry out all the teaching activities.

How you can help the Stewart House charity organization

Aside the help that the Stewart House charity organization gets from the NSW Education Department, it also relies heavily on the support and help that is offered by the general public in order to properly care for the needs of each of the children that will come there for that 12 day period.

Making of a donation

The public can help the organization by the making of donations that are either once-off or on a continuous basis. Revenue realised from the donations made by the public are then channelled into the running of the affairs of the organization.

Volunteering for the organization

The general public is also given the chance to help the organization by undertaking various activities which will require them to spend their precious time and energy in the performance of those activities. These activities that are performed by those who decide to volunteer for the organization are all aimed at helping the organization to meet its targets and goals that it has set.

Taking part in the fundraising activities of the organization

The public is also given the chance to participate in all the fundraising activities that are undertaken by the organization throughout the year in its bid to raise money and other resources in order to cater for those children in NSW and ACT.


This is about giving handsomely to the organization when one is preparing his or her Will. Such individuals get to still make a positive impact even when they are dead and gone.

Making of a payment to the organization

This has to do with the one-off payment that is made by either an individual or an institution to help it provide the necessary educational and medical assistance to each and every child living within the environs of NSW and ACT.

Making of an online donation

This is for those who would like to donate to the organization through the various debit cards.

The celebration of the Stewart House Day

This is an activity which is undertaken by the organization in order to celebrate the day that it was first established. There are a variety of activities which are held on this day and the general public as well as the students and staff members are all allowed to participate in any of the activities and help the organization raise money for the rendering of medical, emotional and educational support to the children.

Stewart House has and will always see to it that each and every child in NSW and ACT is properly cared for and treated very well in order to bring out the best in them.

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