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StreetWork provides a number of essential supportive services which are all aimed at helping children through their developmental process.

Who we are

StreetWork is a charity organisation that has been in existence for a very long time now. It was officially launched in the year 1980 and has since its inception been rendering a variety of support and assistance to children in Australia. It provides a number of essential supportive services which are all aimed at helping children to deal with the various challenging situations that they face in their developmental process. Some of these challenges include violent conduct, drug and alcohol addiction and being abandoned by their parents.

What is the vision of StreetWork?

StreetWork has a vision which is to support young children through the provision of useful and appropriate services so that they can develop into responsible adults in the future.

What is the mission of StreetWork?

The mission of StreetWork is to provide the much needed supportive services that will help get young children onto the path which will guarantee their proper development in the communities that they live.

What are the values of StreetWork?

StreetWork has the following values;

  • Integrity
  • Inclusive community
  • Individualised support services
  • Understanding
  • Acceptance

What are the services that are rendered by StreetWork?

StreetWork in its bid to help make sure that all children are provided with the chance to develop properly has a number of unique services which are delivered to all those children who are identified as being vulnerable. These services include the following;

  • The provision of counselling services
  • The provision of training programs that are aimed at helping to build the job-related skills of the youth
  • The provision of services aimed at unifying the family
  • The provision of individualised services to help people develop their capabilities
  • The provision of services that help to empower the youth
  • The provision of employment opportunities for the youth
  • The provision of educational services for the youth

StreetWork also provides these services on an outreach basis so that those people who face similar problems in the remote communities can also have access to the support services that they render. These are just some of the services that StreetWork provides as it embarks on a journey of helping to transform the lives of the youth in each and every Australian community so that they can develop into responsible and self sustaining adults in the future.

How can you support the work that StreetWork does in the communities?

Due to the fact that StreetWork is a charity organisation that does not work to make profits, it has created some ways for those benevolent individuals and organisations to also support what it does and these ways include;

  • Leaving a bequest
  • Making of donations either once-off or on a continuous basis to the organisation
  • Becoming a sponsor of StreetWork
  • Undertaking voluntary services for the organisation
  • Organising personal fundraising events to raise funds for StreetWork
  • Taking active part in any of the fundraising events that are organised by StreetWork
  • Becoming a support of the organisation

Using any of these ways will give you the chance to also be a part of the good work that StreetWork has been doing in the communities.

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