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Sunnyfield is a leading provider of Disability Services in NSW, with over 62 years experience in supporting people with intellectual disability.

During the 1950s parents who had children having an intellectual disability often were counseled that the most suitable place for that type of kids was an institution. Hazel Whiddon, not content with this advice, placed a newspaper advertisement on the Manly Daily that sought out mothers of a similar mind, and it is from there that Sunnyfield began at the Sunnyfield School. The history has since been packed with achievements both for Sunnyfield and for the clients. Sunnyfield continues making quality of services improvements in what they are offering and are leading the sector in inventive alternatives for persons with a disabilities. Sunnyfield looks forward to continuing to lead this sector in the coming future.

Sunnyfield Vision

The Vision is excellence in terms of support given persons having intellectual disability.

Sunnyfield Mission

Sunnyfield will continue enriching the lives of persons having with disabilities through the creation of opportunities, choice and life skills.

Sunnyfield Strategic Plan

The 2014-2017 Sunnyfield Strategic Plan provides guidelines to the approach towards the future of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and individualized funding.

The Sunnyfield Strategic Plan has set 3 key strategic goals which will be vital to its development over the years ahead.

  1. Enhancing person-centreed support results
  2. Developing committed and accomplished staff
  3. Being a specialized and value for money outfit

Sunnyfield Strategic Goals

  • To be person-centreed Support work outcomes which are truly value for money
  • To be dedicated, committed, skilled and accomplished staff
  • To be a expert, Value for Money Outfit

Person Centred Dynamic Support

The philosophy Sunnyfield is to always place clients at the focus of all idea and in the decision making. Focus is directed on finding out about and acting on a person’s choices. Sunnyfield is supporting people to become engaged in their own lives and to focus on their distinctive abilities, skills and interests.

Maintenance and Repairs

Sunnyfield endeavors to uphold a standard of housing that ensures a suitable and comfortable lifestyle is offered to the people being supported by Sunnyfield.

Sunnyfield Policies

Sunnyfield’s procedures and policies are reflective of the commitment to safety and high quality services and the wellbeing of staff and clients.

They believe in upholding the highest compliance and governance standards with all pertinent Disability Standards, State and Commonwealth legislation.

Supporting Sunnyfield

Sunnyfield greatly values the bighearted contributions made by organizations and individuals supporting the mission.

Fundraise and Getting Involved

In-kind support and al donations go to enrich the lives of persons having disabilities. To fundraise with Sunnyfield could be an excellent method of getting all your contacts and friends together whilst at the same time giving support to an excellent social cause. There are lots of ways of fundraising and getting involved, in fact the possibilities are nearly endless. Sunnyfield will be supporting you to enjoy your fundraising activities and empower you to maximize on your opportunities.

You could decide to raise funds with Sunnyfield via an already set up event like Pub2Pub or City 2 Surf. You might wish to take part in a different event or even create one of your own.

Please get in touch with Sunnyfield first prior to embarking on your individual own event so that they could assist on the noble journey.

Several other ideas which might be of interest are:

  • Garage sale
  • Walks
  • Swims
  • Cycles
  • Runs
  • A themed day at work
  • BBQ’s
  • Bake sale
  • Collecting donations on behalf of Sunnyfield for your own birthday or indeed any other anniversary or celebrations.

Corporate Support

Partnership opportunities are endless, several of the current examples of partnership include:

Corporate Volunteering

Sunnyfield offers corporate volunteering openings in Central Coast, Sydney as well as the New England areas. From volunteering in Sunnyfield commercial factories, backyard blitzes, as well as skilled volunteering, Sunnyfield can fashion a chance for you to give your support to persons having disabilities, improve your organization’s CSR and involve your staff in a valuable experience in team building.

Workplace Giving

Sunnyfield can organize giving at your workplace, where staff makes regular donations coming from their own pre-tax salary.

Employee Fundraising

Have fun and get fit whilst you raise much needed funds –in the organization’s City2Surf, organize your event or even create your individual event unique event.

Sponsorships and CSR

Leverage on Sunnyfield’s networks and brand values to connect with customers, drive your own marketing efforts while enhancing your CSR.

Sunnyfield Supporters

Working with community organizations and corporate partners Sunnyfield has been able to add great value the services we operate and to the lives of their clients.


Bequests are, for Sunnyfield a crucial part of their income and permit them to invest in the long term future so they could continue to providing better facilities, security and support to all the clients.

Before making a bequest

Before you make a decision on the way you wish to support Sunnyfield via a bequest, we recommend that you do consult your financial or legal advisor.



Sunnyfield is developing a rising fundraising activities portfolio and welcomes volunteer support in every aspects of the fundraising. Examples of such include selling raffle tickets, assisting at events – either in an interactive role or simply behind the scenes or it even could in one of Sunnyfield’s numerous office based capacities.


The office based Sunnyfield staff time and again require a lending a hand with tasks like filing and database entry. This is really important work and it can be performed on an ad hoc or regular basis.

Best Mates Program

This goes towards supporting clients to exercise their choice in daily lives, get opportunities of discovering new interests and enhance skills which they could use in their entire life. Activities may include attending fitness activities, going for local football games, or simply going out for lunch or coffee.

Corporate Volunteering

Sunnyfield can provide corporate volunteering chances in Central Coast, Sydney or in the New England zone.

General Volunteers

If you got specific skills, e.g. maintenance or gardening and you like to contribute towards the mission of Sunnyfield, please just feel free and give them a call and they will organize an opening that suits you.

ASX-Thomson Reuters

Sunnyfield is currently a beneficiary of the famed ASX-Thomson Reuters Charity Foundation Art Union. Each dollar raised that is from sale of ticket goes directly to Sunnyfield.

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