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Surf Life Saving

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Raise Funds for Surf Life Savers

Did you know that due to the efforts of surf life savers in Australia, more than 500 people are saved from drowning around the coast every year. These trained volunteers patrol more than 1.1 million hours on the weekends and holidays. Thus, Surf Life Saving has taken the responsibility to fund these surf live saving activities and they do this from the sale of lottery tickets.

Where Surf Life Saving Spends Money

In Australia, 311 clubs operate surf life savers and these volunteers assist more than hundred million beach visitations every year. The coastline of the country is stretched up to massive 35,000 km, and the volunteers from all these clubs work immaculately to serve people during their beach visitations. Thus, it is quite obvious that the cost of these services is also massive because it involves education programs of surf safe community, surf life saver training, first aid supplies, and rescue gear and equipments. Surf Life Saving Lottery is also getting good support from people who are buying tickets and participating in the lottery, which is helping to support the funding of these expenses.

Funding Rescue Gear

One of the biggest expenditures to run lifesaving services in Australia is purchasing the rescue gears and equipments. These gears and tools also need regular maintenance due to constant exposure to salt water, sand and sun. In addition, many such tools also require eventual replacement, as it is a matter of safety and the surf life savers do not take such chances. Surf Life Saving understands that constant funding is essential for supplying new rescue gears and equipments along with their maintenance and replacement. Therefore, they promote lottery draws and urge people to buy tickets by spending only a small sum and contribute towards the service of surf lifesavers.

Funding Surf Safety Community Education Programs

Every year, huge number of people visit the beaches of Australia. This also means that there should be enough number of surf life savers on the beaches. Thus, the demand of new surf life savers is always high in our country and it is important to keep up with this increasing demand. Surf Life saving also funds the education programs for the surf safety community. Lives of millions of people depend on the honest effort of the surf life savers and thus it is very important that they receive proper training.

In Australia, having a Bronze Medallion is compulsory for every volunteer surf lifesaver. The training programs must include updated rescue techniques, CPR, first aid and fitness testing. The approximate cost to train one surf life saving volunteer is $800, but there are plenty of beaches in Australia, which means the cost of such education program is huge. The team of Surf Life Saving makes effort to raise funds for these training programs and help the surf life saving clubs meet these expenses and make beaches safer.

Funding First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies are very essential for every household and it is the same for the surf life saving clubs as well. Only difference is the quantity of the supplies and continuous replenishment of Ventolin puffers, disposable sheets and bandages. There are specific first aid rooms in every club where these supplies are replenished regularly. This amounts to an approximate spending of $2,000 every year on the first aid supplies for every club. While researching on the average first aid treatments every season due to spinal damage, suspected fractures, minor cuts or marine stings, it has been found that the surf life savers perform more than 30,000 such treatments. In addition, the cost of a single kit of first aid supplies is $400 and the clubs must keep these stocks full every time. Now, you can imagine the volume of expenses these surf life saving clubs need to incur every year on these first aid supplies. Thus, the organization raises fund with Surf Live Saving Lotteries for helping the lifesavers give more than 30,000 such treatments every year.

Surf Safety Community Education Programs

Apart from funding those essential expenses mentioned above, they also indulge into surf safety community education programs. They always aim to reach more tourists and educate them about beach safety so that they can safely enjoy our varied coastlines. Not just tourists and beach goers, the organization also educates business houses and schools so that they can be aware about the essential safety tips of surfing like spotting a rip, sun safety, marine hazards, swimming between the red and yellow flags, etc. So, a portion of money we gather from selling lottery tickets goes towards educating thousands of school children and other people every year.

Affordable Lottery Tickets

Surf Life Saving Lottery provides more than $1.4 billion every year for funding these expenses by selling lottery tickets. No, you do not have to pay any hefty fee to buy a ticket. They make sure that a huge number of people should be able to buy these tickets and thus the cost is very affordable. It is as little as $10 or more. By purchasing the ticket, you can not just win the first prize, but many other additional prizes as well. You can even join their Champions' Club program, which provides a lottery ticket to you automatically whenever we organize a draw. Every year, they conduct six Champions' Club lotteries and weekly cash draws worth $5,000. You can join the Champions' Club by just paying from $2 per month and increase your chance to win big. So, join the club and help and support our surf life saving volunteers.

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