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Sydney Children

Sydney Childrens Hospital Foundation exists to promote the prevention and treatment of illness and injury in children.

This is a foundation that has been in existence for some time now. The main purpose of this foundation is to render financial support to enable in the provision of various materials and services to children in Australia.

This is something that the foundation has always strived to achieve with all its might and it has been recognised as one of the charity organizations that has really brought a lot of positive changes to the society.

How the resources from the public are used

The foundation uses the various resources that are generated from the general public in seeing to the provision of the following;

  • State-of-the-art equipments that are given to the medical institutions
  • Providing essential financial support to the Fellowship Program
  • Provision of various facilities and support to our Outreach Service unit
  • Provision of educational support to the various hospitals in and around Sydney
  • Accommodation is also provided for those who will need to stay in hospital in order to be properly taken care of

The above are just some of the numerous important things that the financial and materials resources contributed by the public are used by the foundation.

How you can help the foundation

Through the making of a donation

This means that you can give both monetary and material things to the foundation and this will be used to provide for the needs of the children who are suffering in the society.

Through a bequest

This means that you can include the name of the foundation when you are preparing your Will so that when you pass away the things that you designated to be given to the foundation will be legally given to it.

  • Through the making of collections on behalf of the foundation
  • Through the provision of goods and vital services to the foundation
  • Those are just some of the ways that members of the communities can contribute to the foundation

How you can get involved

In order to get the much needed financial aid for the foundation to keep on with the services that it has been rendering to the children, various measures have been laid down to ensure that each and every member of the community has the chance to help the foundation to raise its financial resources. These measures include;

Organising of a fundraising event

This is mainly for those who wish to organise an event with the main objective of helping to generate some funds for the Foundation.

Corporate sponsorship

This is also for the organizations that are willing to help the foundation and in return the foundation will also undertake some activities that will help to promote the name of that particular organization.

Becoming a volunteer

This is also a way through which members of the community can support the foundation. By volunteering for the foundation, a person accepts to undertake various activities for the foundation in order to see to it that it is able to cater well for the children who are suffering in the society.

Taking part in the Gold Telethon

This is the opportunity provided for each and every member of the community to offer their help to the foundation by taking part in the Gold Telethon which is an event that is organized on a yearly basis.

Attending an occasion organised by the foundation

This is the chance that is provided for the public to attend any of the events that are organized by the foundation. The public is given the opportunity to purchase event tickets an attend any of these events and also have the chance to contribute generously when the event is in session. Monies realized from all these events are then used by the foundation in undertaking all the services that it provides to children.

Participating in the Art Program of the Foundation

This involves the provision of an avenue to each and every up and coming artist and those that are experienced to showcase their artistic works in any of the about 40 art exhibitions that are held on a yearly basis.

The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation has always sought to ensure that various illnesses and injuries that afflict children are prevented and treated properly.

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