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TAD Disability Services

People having disabilities including their families frequently are faced by overwhelming financial stumbling blocks.

People having disabilities including their families frequently are faced by overwhelming financial stumbling blocks. TAD Disability Services believes that each individual has got the right to getting affordable equipment and equal opportunity.

TAD is so far the only charitable organization in NSW which is designing and building custom equipment that enables persons having disabilities to be able to lead lives that are more independent.

TAD's custom built equipments are frequently manufactured at a small proportion of the total cost of any substitute solution. TAD also modifies current equipment to enhance its suitability for the particular client.

It all started in the year 1975 when a small assemblage of engineers under the leadership by George Winston determined to utilize their skills to greatly transform the lives of people having disabilities.

TAD's basic workforce today consists of in excess of 250 skillful volunteers who are donating thousands of their hours towards the designing, constructing and transforming in excess of 1,000 varied items in New South Wales each year.

Regional TAD Services

With its head office located in Northmead and some 15 groups that are spread across NSW managed by local community volunteers, TAD is providing services throughout NSW. Evaluation clinics are convened in local NSW areas. TAD therapists are on hand for counsel on phone.

Regional TAD Clinics

TAD Regional Equipment as well as Freedom Wheels Bike Clinics gets convened throughout the whole year. TAD therapists travel to diverse regions, paying visits to towns, meeting TAD clients, schools, local therapists, schools and the various community groups.

The route taken by TAD therapists is determined by the number and type of applications that have been received. The clinics could be held at the various local schools with consent. For the local therapists, community groups and schools, TAD is quite happy to visit even outside of the normal clinic times.

Interest Groups and Regional Branches

Local branches and Interest Groups can be found in the following locations/regions:

  • Albury Wodonga
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Central west
  • Central Coast
  • Hunter
  • Shoalhaven
  • Port Macquarie
  • Northern Rivers
  • Illawarra
  • Manning Great Lakes

What TAD Does

TAD Vision: To ensure that persons with disabilities as well as their carers get access to pioneering technical solutions, that enhance the quality of life, widen opportunities for autonomy and contribution in the community.

TAD Mission: To offer personalized advice and equipment to people living with disabilities including their carers, via innovative services given by skilled staff and volunteers.

With its main offices located in Sydney, New South Wales and an a big team of skilled volunteers all over NSW, the TAD Disability Services has been offering services to persons having disabilities for 40 years and has produced in excess of 20,000 devices which have gone to assist persons with disabilities across all age sets.

Services offered by TAD:

The TAD Custom Design Equipment Service presents a variety of items like modified prams, baby cots, change tables, bath seats, supportive seating, and many more to facilitate people having disabilities and elderly seniors to be able to live more autonomously.

Freedom Wheels program from TAD gives modified bikes that enable kids with disabilities to be able to ride a bicycle for their very first time. Lots of these children are not even able to walk on their own but can now ride a bike!

Custom Equipment

TAD skilled volunteers put together and adapt items to assist people having disabilities and the seniors to survive more autonomously.

Credit to TAD volunteers and donors, quadriplegic mums receive special prams, cots, and change tables meeting their precise needs. Children living with disabilities get mobility carts, bath seats, and helpful seating towards making them more comfortable at school and at home. Seniors are getting items that support them in their home such as modified walking frames, shower stands, and adjustable lounges and chairs.

TAD uses a Rehabilitation Engineer, a Physiotherapist, and an Occupational Therapist all who work together with the client, their carer and TAD volunteers in designing and building the equipment that meets the individual's therapeutic requirements.

Freedom Wheels

Freedom Wheels Bikes from TAD allow children having disabilities to be able to ride a bike when that was thought impossible. A lot of of these kids cannot even walk yet they now can ride. Freedom Wheels have been designed for meeting the client's individual needs.

Carers and health care professionals or therapists provide input forming an important element of the evaluation process.

Freedom Wheels are offering a broad range of bike modifications which either could be left on the bike or detached easily with no need of tools for transport and storage.

Further Modifications

Because TAD is running a Custom Designed Equipment Service, it is possible to adopt those parts to the specific requirements of the clients.

Computer Support

Commencing 5 January 2015, theTAD Computer Support Service transitioned into another charity named WorkVentures. The new WorkVentures shall be providing support and service to all the current TAD clients who are holding an existing warranty contract.

WorkVentures provides reasonably priced telephone support and revamped laptops and computers for people who are holding a DVA Card, Centrelink or are a school or a not-for profit.

WorkVentures is convinced of the significance of accessing technology to boost independence in the community. All TAD future clients are going to be directed to WorkVentures so that they continue to receive ongoing support as well as quality computer packages.

The vision of WorkVentures is the improvement of lives through training, technology and practical career skills.

Real TAD Stories

In this TAD section you may read several instances of how we've assisted a child, a mother, the experiences of a volunteer, any of the TAD therapists and much more.

Getting Involved

TAD Disability Services is relying on the bigheartedness of the community towards supporting its work to facilitate persons with disabilities to be able to lead more autonomous lives.

49 per cent of the funding is coming from the individual donations and the wonderful fundraising initiatives of TAD supporters. Credit to these contributions, TAD is able to continue to providing free advice, assessments, and subsidize equipment.

Getting Involved

  • Volunteer
  • Participate in or hold your own event
  • Come and join A53 Inner Wheel Family Concert
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