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Taralye is highly committed in terms of fostering and supporting the wellbeing of those families of many young children having hearing loss.

The function of the family and parent is regarded as being pivotal in each aspect of our daily work and Taralye is highly committed in terms of fostering and supporting the wellbeing of those families of many young children having hearing loss.

The Advisory Council for Children with Impaired Hearing (ACCIH), now running as Taralye, was set up in the year 1968 by a assemblage of parents who were seeking to get language and oral speech outcomes for some of their young who had hearing impairment. During that period, their ground-breaking initiatives prompted some other families also having hearing impaired kids to seek assistance in teaching their own kids to speak and listen. Essentially, Taralye is established on the principle of “parents helping parents”. This basic tenet has remained core to the Taralye’s family centred programs and practices to date.

Each day all over Australia, babies are being born into a gloomy world of silence or they become deaf because of sickness. Impairment of hearing is a noteworthy condition in newborn babies, and hearing impairment of a permanent nature affects about 250-400 Australian babies each year.

Taralye philosophy is to assist hearing impaired kids to listen, then learn and finally speak just like their own hearing peers to accord them similar life opportunities in employment and education and empower them to attain their full potential.

Taralye is an advocate of early diagnosis of loss of hearing, timely fitting of suitable cochlear implants and/or hearing aids and quality early services of intervention for children. Without getting professional intervention kids having hearing loss could experience undue delays in their language, speech, learning and general social development.

Alongside the services for early intervention, Taralye is running an Audiolgy and Otology Clinic providing a wide variety of quality audiological facilities targeting newborn babies up to the 18 year olds. This comes inclusive of early childhood programs and initiatives for early learning and for 3 and four year old kids in kindergarten.

Brief History

In the year1968 a collection of affected families and professionals in early childhood education came together and founded The Advisory Council for Children with Impaired Hearing (ACCIH)

A pioneering and leading initiator in oral language development among deaf children, having early intervention and integration as core to its founding philosophy, this unique group of parents was convinced that deaf children ought to get the same opportunities in educational just like hearing children.

The ACCIH in 1979 opened Taralye, a globally acknowledged early childhood intervention centre offering inclusive oral language initiatives and programs for children who are deaf and their own families.

The Advisory Council for Children with Impaired Hearing or ACCIH has continued advocating for oral education services among deaf children across Victoria.

The Vision

The vision of ACCIH is that children who are now deaf are going to listen, to learn and to speak to their maximum potential.

The Mission

The mission is the enhancement of life opportunities for deaf kids through working intimately with their own families in delivering evidence-based programs and initiatives, by taking part in research, and by advocating on behalf of the children.

Taralye Objectives

The child who is deaf will:

  • Get diagnosed early and then outfitted with suitable, listening devices of the best-quality.
  • Access services for early intervention and the best learning opportunities.
  • Access abundant opportunities of developing spoken language besides hearing peers.
  • Develop and learn in an environment that is family-centred.

Families will:

  • Access information and expand skills to empower them in determining the best social and educational outcomes for their kids.
  • Access quality services given in a welcoming and warming atmosphere

The professionals working at Taralye will:

  • Made to feel empowered as they work in a trans-disciplinary group and team environment

Continuously improving, Taralye will:

  • Strengthen the evidence base of programs through supporting appropriate research into language acquisition and hearing loss among children.
  • Continue supporting the learning of tertiary students in aspects of early childhood, early intervention and audiology.
  • Provide a workplace environment and an organizational culture that attracts and also retains highly committed and skilled professionals.
  • Make sure of effective financial management such that Taralye gets positioned as a leading and viable organisation

Taralye Values


Taralye recognizes and appreciates the knowledge, skills and contributions of others. The backgrounds and opinions are valued in their diversity.


Taralye is professionally committed to the mission and aims to keep on delivering high quality outcomes.    


The organization supports families with empathy and sensitivity as they move through the emotional effect impact of the hearing loss diagnosis.


Taralye will continue to act consistently and reliably towards the delivery of responses, in realistic timeframes and schedules.   We purpose to be accountable as individuals, as a team as well as an organisation for actions, behaviours and results. 

Clear Communication

We dynamically listen to the others, remain open to all feedback and promote open dialogue as we continue working towards achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.


We shall strive towards supporting excellence, advancement and improvements through creativity in innovative services, ideas and processes. 


We utilize evidence to measure and implement quality standards in excellence practices.

Taralye Partners

Taralye mission is towards working jointly with families, other service providers and the larger community in improving the educational, linguistic and social outcomes of the kids who are deaf through promotion of early diagnosis and quick reaction to loss of hearing through inventive early intervention advocacy services and research.

Some of Taralye partnerships comprise:

  • Schools and Clinics
  • Research and Associations

Supporting Taralye

You could make by mail, online or through telephone. Taralye has been endorsed being tax deductible gifts and all donations made of $2 and above are tax deductable.

Donations could be made honoring of a specific person, maybe a person who is hearing impaired or even Taralye staff member that inspired you. If you’re celebrating your special or unique event and don’t wish to receive any gifts, you could invite your guests to make a kind donation towards Taralye in lieu of the gifts.

Other ways that you could support include:

  • Workplace giving
  • Corporate partnering
  • Volunteering yourself
  • To host your own even for raising funds
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