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Tasmania Police Charity Trust

The trust strives to help provide vital supportive services to each and every individual who is in need of help within the community.

Who we are

The Tasmania Police Charity Trust is an association that was form in December, 2006. It was formed to create an environment where the workers of the police force get to work collaboratively with the members of the community towards the provision of supportive services to other charity organizations and certain people who are in need of such services.

What are the aims of the Trust?

It is to help provide vital supportive services to each and every individual who is in need of help within the community.

Our values

The Trust values three main things in their provision of support services to people and these are;

  1. Equity
  2. Integrity and
  3. Accountability

These are the main things that guide the Trust in the provision of its services.

What we do

The Trust provides other vital supportive services to the communities and some of these include;

  • Provision of avenues which allows the indigenous people to also have their voices heard and their needs also met.
  • Provision of community services which deal with the various educative pieces of information which are given to the community members in order to ensure that they are safe and well protected at all times.
  • The provision of services relating to the various offences committed on the internet. This helps to ensure that community members are provided with useful tips on how to safely use the internet without becoming a victim of any of the dubious characters available on it. It also deals with providing supportive services to those individuals who have at a point in time become a victim to such things as cyber fraud.
  • The institution of a Missing Person’s Unit which deals with all reported cases of individuals who have gone missing in the community. This service helps to organise various search activities aimed at tracking down such a person.
  • The provision of personnel who help to man the various roads throughout the community in order to ensure that each and every traffic regulation is strictly adhered to by all motorists so as to help reduce the number of accidents and crimes that happen on the roads.

These are all some of the services that the Tasmania Police do provide for member of the Tasmanian community.

Programs of the Tasmania Police Charity Trust

The Trust runs a number of programs which are very essential to the members in the community and these programs include;

The Adopt a Cop program

This is a program that sees to it that a particular school gets provided with a police officer who provides the school children with all the necessary things to know about living safe in the community.

The memorandum of understanding program

This is a program which helps the police to appropriately deal with all cases of drug related incidents like drug abuse and drug trafficking among students.

The Police and Community Youth Clubs program

This is also a program that seeks to provide various activities which gives the youth the opportunity to interact with police officers at a very informal level and its main aim is to help bring down the various crimes that are committed by idle youths.

The Police in Schools program

This is another program of the Trust which sees to it that police officers are provided for each and every college in all states. This helps to bring down the number of crimes which would have been committed if there wasn’t a police officer around.

The Safe at Home program

This program deals with ensuring that each and every child is safe at where he or she lives and not subjected to any form of abuse by his or her parents or guardians. This program helps to prevent a lot of violent acts which are committed against minors in the home.

The U-turn program

This is also a program which seeks to ensure that previous offenders of car thefts are provided with very supportive services like car repairs and personal development activities. These things help to transform the lives of such people from what they were to becoming a whole new person with positive goals for his or her life. This program is mainly for those who are between the ages of 15 years to 30 years who have committed an auto theft before.

These are the various programs of the Tasmania Police Charity Trust and they are all aimed at helping to ensure that each and every individual within the community gets to be well protected at all times and also feel very safe and secured to live in Tasmania.

How you can help

  • By organising fundraising events in honour of the Trust
  • Making of donations to the Trust
  • Participating in any of the fundraising activities organised by the Trust
  • Leaving of a bequest

The funds that are realised by the Trust are always sent into the community to provide supportive services to other charities and needy individuals within the community.

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