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The Arnotts Foundation

Arnotts has recognized the need for companies in Australia to give back to the community and as a result, formed The Arnotts Foundation.

Australians in their millions have grown up with Arnott’s Biscuits Ltd’s products and for lots of them, Arnott's is in fact just more than a mere company dealing with food - it is indeed a part of their history. The aim is to create a positive and lasting contribution towards the families and the broader community which has been supporting Arnott's over the many years. The result of this commitment and vision is the Arnott’s Foundation. The Foundation has been created to be Arnott’s Biscuits Ltd’s charitable arm.

The Mission Statement

The Arnott’s Foundation is convinced that the future of Australia is in the families. Working jointly, they purpose towards creating positive environments allowing families to positively build, sustain and enjoy a quality of life that is better. The Foundation is an exempt income tax not-profit charitable organization and all donations from $2.00 made are entirely tax deductible.

The Foundation only extends it supports to fully registered charities.

Camp Quality

Camp Quality is a kid’s cancer charity, with the goal of creating a better life for each kid in Australia living with cancer. The partnership began in the year 2008 propelled by a huge synergy regarding strong family values. The Arnott’s Foundation Camp Quality services provided for the small kids who are between 0 and13 years help in creating a life that is better through building resilience and optimism throughout every phase of their challenging journey with cancer.

Running since the year 1983, the programs at Camp Quality are creating a supportive, optimistic and resilient community for those families which are living with cancer challenges.

The Camp Quality teams are positioned in each territory and state throughout Australia. Through the support of some dedicated 2,500 volunteers, the Camp Quality services and programs are reaching 1 in 3 Australian kids living with cancer.


Today globally, we are producing sufficient food that can feed everybody. Yet 1 billion tonnes of good food is going to waste as I billion people are going hungry. This is not merely a problem of the 3rd world. It’s indeed a sad truth that in a rich and affluent nation like Australia, a net food exporter, there are lots of people who in fact are struggling to get adequate food.

Arnott’s Biscuits Ltd has been a proudly supporting Foodbank Australia for in excess of 10 years. To make sure that they are making a genuine difference to the life quality of all families in Australia, The Arnott's Foundation coordinates and manages all the donations made to Foodbank Australia.

Foodbank Australia is a non-profit and non-denominational organization which is acting as a national pantry to in excess of 2,600 community groups and charities providing food relief.

Being a national organization Foodbank has distribution centres in all the Australian state capitals, the Northern Territory and ten regional centres. The services reach even goes further afield via regional food hubs as well as other forms distribution mechanisms.

Fairy Sparkle Initiative

Fairy Sparkle is the big inspiration and motivation. She began visiting kids in the hospitals in the year 1991 and identified a huge need for them as well their own families to break out of the grueling daily routine coming with extended hospital stays. She therefore decided to erect a Fairy Garden located at the Randwick Sydney Children's Hospital. This has over time become an essential element of life for the sick, their families, staff as well as friends.

For over 10 years, The Arnott's Foundation has supported Fairy Sparkle helping her set up "Fairy Gardens'' at hospitals in Queensland and New South Wales. Most lately, through the backing of The Arnott's Foundation, the Fairy Sparkle initiatives has been working on the ''happy garden'' programs, which so far has seen 8 separate gardens erected in hospitals across all Sydney. The objective of the Fairy Sparkle project is the creation a sanctuary that lies outside the hospital ward, a place where patients and their own families could go to have some relaxation, seek more inspiration as they interact just like a ''normal'' family.

Driver Reviver Program

This is a community program run by volunteers coming from a broad range of community groups and service organizations, whose members donate or give up some of their own time towards helping reduce the toll on the roads. During every holiday season close to 220 Driver Reviver sites are opened throughout Australia.

These Driver Reviver sites make a perfect place for drivers to take a needed break while on a long road journey. The sites offers those stopping a free cup of hot coffee, Bushells tea, a biscuit from Arnott's and most significantly, an opportunity to revive the body so that you may reach your final destination safely.

In each of the States and Territories, Government agencies give support to the Driver Reviver volunteers. The support might entail essential safety guidelines, toilet facilities, power, providing shelter, usage of rest areas and recommendations plus approvals of the Site locations.

Getting Involved

From its formation in 2004, The Foundation has been able to fundraise above $1 million for its main partner charity, the Camp Quality and is now proud of being Camp Quality’s number #1 recipient. Through getting involved, you would be assisting The Arnott's Foundation carry on supporting the primary beneficiaries, Camp Quality, Driver Reviver and Fairy Sparkle.

You could assist and become involved through:

  • Donating
  • Sponsoring
  • Volunteering
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