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The Brainchild Foundation

The Brainchild Foundation is a charity established in 2010 with the aim of helping children affected by brain and spinal cord tumours, and their families.

This is a foundation that was formed through the efforts of some health workers along with some parents and carers with the main objective of creating adequate awareness with regards to the tumours that are either found in the brain or in the spinal cord of kids. This Foundation came into existence in the year 2010 and has since that time been rendering a number of high quality services to all those kids who are suffering from such conditions and their parents.

What is the vision of the Foundation?

The vision of the Foundation has always and will always be, to see to it that various supportive systems are putting in place in order to ensure that those kids suffering from tumours in the brain and the spinal cord and their parents are given a chance at a better livelihood.

It is also the vision of the Foundation to keep on researching until a better and permanent treatment is acquired for those with such health conditions.

What we do

There are five (5) main things that are undertaken by the Foundation in its bid to provide better supportive systems to those children who are suffering from conditions like having tumours in their brains or in their spinal cord and these are;

Creating awareness

This is one of the activities that are undertaken by the Foundation and it is concerned with helping to get useful pieces of information out to the general public with regards to the problems and challenges that are faced by families as they try to cater for their kids who are with brain and spinal cord tumours.

Providing support

This activity involves three main sub categories namely; research, treatment journey and the after cancer care. They are all related to the support that we render to our patients. o Undertaking researches This involves the carrying out of studies into the causes and the behavioural patterns of the brain and spinal cord tumour in order to better support our patients.

Providing treatment

This has always been something that the foundation does and it involves providing various treatments to those who are identified as having a tumour within their brain or their spinal cord.

Provision of funds

The Foundation organises various fundraising events which are aimed at helping to fund the support services that are provided to our patients and their families. The funds from such events are also pumped into all our researching facilities to make sure that the necessary researches are done in providing a permanent treatment for people with such conditions.

How to support what we do?

There are a lot of ways through which the general public can get along and support the Foundation to ensure that the proper services are provided to those kids suffering from brain tumours and spinal cord tumours. These ways are;

  • Making a donation
  • Volunteering
  • Corporate support
  • Fundraising events

Each of these avenues gives the general public the chance to also offer their help to those kids with brain and spinal cord tumours and their families.


There are a whole lot of ways through which an individual can donate to the Foundation and these include;

Making a one-off donation

This refers to the donations that the general public makes to the Foundation once

Making of a donation on monthly basis

This refers to the situation where the individual or an institution makes it mandatory to donate something to the Foundation on monthly basis

As a gift

This refers to the giving of something to the Foundation without hoping to get anything in return

As a bequest or in memory of a dear one

This refers to the donations that are collected during the memorial service of a dear one or the properties that are left to the Foundation by people when they are about to pass away

These various ways allows the general public to get actively involved with the support systems that the Foundation has putting in place to make sure that each and every child identified as suffering from brain and spinal cord tumours and their families are well catered for so that they will also have hope for the future.


This is the avenue through which the general public can also have to make a huge impact in the lives of those kids having tumours in their brains or in their spinal cords. With this the general public gets to offer their strength, knowledge and ideas to the Foundation free of charge in order to also get the chance to have a positive effect on those children with such brain conditions. Becoming a volunteer also gives the individual the chance to add to his or her knowledge and skills, acquire valuable experience and also become very confident of yourself and abilities when it comes to caring for people with such conditions. There are a whole lot of things that one can do as a volunteer to help the Foundation in supporting these kids and their families to have hope for a better future.

Corporate support

This is the provision of help by those corporate entities who are touched by the plight of these children and their families. There are about 6 main ways through which you can also support the Foundation as a corporate entity and these are;

  1. Through the volunteering of the staff
  2. Making of donations at the workplace
  3. Through pro bono services
  4. Sponsoring of an event
  5. Mufti days and
  6. Sausage sizzles


This deals with the avenue provided to the general public by the Foundation to organise various fundraising events aimed at helping to generate both financial and material resources for the Foundation to be able to provide all the services that it has been rendering to those children and their families. To organise a fundraising event on behalf of the Foundation, one first to get the event approved by the Foundation so that the necessary tips and guidelines will be given to the person.

These are the various ways through which the general public can get involved with the Brainchild Foundation and help us carry on with our task of making lives of kids with brain and spinal cord tumours better for themselves and their families.

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