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The Childrens Hospital at West Mead

Part of the biggest network of services kids in Australia providing care for children in the neighbourhood, across the entire state, country and globe.

The Hospital has been incorporated within the Network of Sydney Children’s Hospitals along with Bear Cottage, NETS, PSN and the Children’s court clinic all which are offering key and specialized services. This is the biggest network of services for kids in Australia providing care for children in the neighbourhood, across the entire state, countrywide and globally.

The Services Provided

The Hospital at West Mead provide some major state-wide and nationwide services that include:

  • The children’s heart centre, a national government-funded centre for foetal assessment, intervention for cardiac surgical and caring for patients having the syndrome known as Hypo plastic left heart.
  • The paediatric Surveillance Unit which is to be found within the kids Research Institution facilitates active clinical surveillance of general disease, complications uncommon childhood diseases and the unpleasant impacts of management. This Unit is the sole Australian national mechanism for purposes of data.
  • The NCIRS which offers independent counsel concerning immunization for diseases which are preventable and located within the Kids Research Institute. This is a centre promoting and conducting research on infection immunization and other vaccine-preventable ailments and also offering a nationwide perspective on all matters that are connected to immunization in the whole of Australia.
  • The NSW Information Centre is responsible for managing of all information-related calls that are related poisons. It is staffed by expert pharmacists in the management of human poisoning.
  • The liver transplant centre, a national government -funded centre for carrying out liver transplants, paediatric transplantation, offering pre and post operative medical care and continuing management of new infants and kids who undergoing the transplants.
  • The paediatric Burns Unit, the nationwide referral centre for the treatment of kids who got severe injury from burns.
  • The newborn children screening service manages a screening program for the detection of disorders, offering counsel and overseeing screening labs.
  • Bear cottage, a hospice providing end of life and respite care for children having life-limiting sicknesses and giving support for the affected families.

The Work at the Hospital

Clinical Services

The Hospital offers outpatient, inpatient and outreach care services providing a comprehensive collection of service for young persons and children.

Services includes very highly focused quaternary and tertiary services including primary care as well population health programs which are operating at the local, state or countrywide levels. The component of paediatric clinical specialists entails cardiac surgery; cancer services; paediatric and neonatal intensive care; renal and liver transplantation; and the provision of acute mental health services.

The categories that experience the highest rates of bed occupancy include; hematology, orthopedics, respiratory medicine, non-subspecialty surgery, acute psychiatry and perinatology.

Research Activities

Much of the research gets carried out at the following centres affiliated and working closely with a variety of academic centres:

  • Sydney Children Hospital (SCH)
  • Kids Research Institute (KRI)

Current and ongoing clinical research activities include among others clinical, lab and public research including population health being carried out across 8 major research areas:

  • Cancer biology
  • Genetics
  • Gene therapy 7 Genomics
  • Neuroscience & human mental health
  • Bone repair and tissue engineering
  • Renal medicine & transplantation
  • Metabolism, obesity and nutrition
  • Clinical sciences and health services delivery

The National research centres that take part include:

  • The facility for gene and cell medicine
  • The Cochrane renal group
  • Translational Cancer Centre for Children
  • Australian paediatric Surveillance Unit (APSU)
  • Children network for treatments

Education Services

Education design services are informed by research and assessments evaluating and they are incorporating new and innovative whole-of-workforce point of view.

The programs make sure that all the staffs are having accessibility to education and the kind of support needed towards providing excellence in patient care and delivery of service.

The whole network has got well established partnerships with lots of tertiary education institutes, professional colleges including other learning agencies and has put into position considerable education infrastructure.

This is a training institution involved in the education of its trainees in all aspects of medicines, nursing, paediatric health disciplines and allied health. It deems education of the patient, parent, carer and community as being an integral part of clinical treatment, promotion of health and the prevention of illness.


The role of the Hospital is not confined purely to the setting of just health care. Advocacy is considered to be a valuable way of raising issues and facilitating needed change for the wellbeing and safety of the child across several key areas.

The Hospital works jointly with a diversity of partners that include several other hospitals, non-governmental organizations and the government.

Volunteer Programs at Children’s Hospital at West Mead

For those who wish to lend a hand, it is possible to volunteer with the hospital carrying out a variety of general tasks that would include sibling care, concierge service, working at the hospital volunteer shop, distributing toys, offering clerical help and palliative paediatric care support. In other cases volunteers can work off-site, visiting families at their own home.

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