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The Foundation for Young Australians

FYA is the only national independent non-profit organization dedicated to all young people in Australia.

The Foundation for Young Australians exists to encourage and support those young people of Australia who want to create a difference in their lives. The initiative is supported by the idea that developed individuals will add to development of the country as a whole. The organization is the only independent organization in Australia that is working across the nation. The role of The Foundation for Young Australians is to equip individuals who are ready to uptake any challenge for a change. The foundation believes in the potential of young people across the country. In collaboration with partners, they are provided with help and resources to follow their dreams. The innovative programs that are run by the foundation are designed on basis of extensive research that is in turn based on evidence. They aim to create a change that would eventually transform the world. Such changes can only take place through partnership and innovation.


The Foundation for Young Australians has a diverse history because it partners with children and parents across the nation. It involves other organizations, schools and individuals rendering FYA to have a rich history.

When the organization first originated in 1999, its purpose was to create opportunities for youngsters that were coming from an underprivileged background. It was founded through a partnership between the The Queen’s Trust and the foundation itself. Young people with a disadvantage found themselves facing greater number of opportunities than was possible without the organization.

Being hand in hand with world research is important for the youth of any nation. This was ensured through a partnership between the Education Foundation and Foundation for Young Australians. The former was founded by Ellen Koshland. This partnership turned the foundation into a prominent advocate of youngsters. With the CEO changing in 2010, came a change regarding strategy. Jan Owen AM combined the knowledge and experience of the past and developed a strategy that defined the operations for five years into the future.


In the entire corporate history of Australia, NAB holds the title for largest investor in education. It is the key supporter of the foundation and first did so through NAB Schools First program which started in 2009 and ended in 2013. In order to make practical life more meaningful and inspiring, NAB is now working with FYA in the program Work Inspiration. In this, students from 14 to 19 years are the focus with the idea that their first working experience should be a motivating one.


Centre for New Public Education

Great public education with outcomes is a right of every Australian,in fact, every kid all over the world. Believing in this fact this program was initiated and specifically for those kids who were coming from remote and regional areas of the country. Where kids live always indicates their exposure and wellbeing at school. Those in the urban areas are almost more than 2 years ahead of those coming from other areas. The same kind of difference exists between students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and those that are well off. It was a necessity to remove this difference for which a transparently funded education system was the cornerstone. Equitable distribution of educational funds drive the provision of resources towards students in different areas.

All young people should get a chance to thrive regardless of the area where they attend school. n order to neutralize the funding between schools, CNPE has supported Review of Funding for Schooling (Gonski Review). This is complemented with bringing together 15 different NGOs from the country and forming an alliance known as NGO Leaders for Educational Opportunity (NLEO) Alliance. Also another coalition between parents, students, teachers, community members and members of the Gonski panel has formed the Need to Succeed Alliance. Through conveyance; CNPE aims to provide equal opportunities to all students.

Twenty Dollars Boss

Another interesting, yet revolutionary, project is the Twenty Dollars Boss program. The most important and the foremost barrier between potential entrepreneurs and their projects is capital. In the twenty dollars boss program, young people are encouraged to imagine and create their own business right from the scratch. This is done at a minimal cost of 20 Dollars. It seems kind of ridiculous but the foundation has made a strategy to fulfil this objective. Students are turned into mini entrepreneurs as they are given 20 Dollars. Then they plan, create budget and market their product. Their financial skills and innovative ideas are used in the process.

At present, the foundation is in partnership with NAB and the Victorian Government for the project. It has been undertaken in ten pilot schools across Bendigo, Geelong, Melbourne and Ballarat.


The power to change the world seems to be on the fingertips especially after the advent of mobile phone technology. This project turns the seemingly strange idea into reality. Human life can be made better through the use of mobiles. They should not be thought of as a source of entertainment or something that is just used to make human lives more cosy. Young Australians will now change human beings and their lives with the help of technology. For that, they don’t need to be tech wizards. There are many categories of followers in this program. Inventors, dreamers, artists, thinkers, believers and doers. If anyone thinks he or she belongs in one of these categories then he ought to join the program with like-minded individuals. Cool app ideas that can change the world will be turned into reality with the help of this program. First you come up with ideas, then you get the tools and then you turn those ideas into real apps. This program is a revolution in the digital age for young people. It does not intend to create competition with other app building industries. It is not a corporate war or a curriculum idea. It is how young people envision their future.

How to contribute

Besides career opportunities, there are other ways to support the Foundation for Young Australians. Verbal referrals, donations, raising information and awareness amongst people regarding their programs are just a few of the options available.

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