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The Girls and Boys Brigade

The Girls and Boys Brigade is a registered charity that has worked for over 125 years to provide care and support to the children of inner city.

The Girls and Boys Brigade is a registered charity that has worked for over 125 years to provide care and support to the children of inner city. It aims to create a safe place for the children off the streets to give them a social outlet with a wide range of recreational and vocational activities. The purpose is to equip the children with quality education and life skills to help them deal positively with life’s challenges.


The goal of The Girls and Boys Brigade is to provide support and care to the children and youth in need of learning education and life skills as a solid base for their bright future.


The organization has an aim to care for the children and families who face serious socio-economic challenges in life and who require significant education and practical skills to gain recognition and trust in the society. It focuses to enhance the socializing abilities and resilience among the children through creation of healthy relationships.

Programs Offered

Children’s Activities

The organization designs a number of practical, educational and recreational activities for the enrolled children of ages 5-12 after their school hours. It provides educational help with home work, reading, computers and research skills. It engages the children in activities related to arts and craft, cooking, excursions, workshops, technology, games and sports.

Youth Support

It arranges for outdoor adventures, sports, photography, excursions and dinner nights for the youth. It works to promote strong relationships between the youth and their families and communities. It helps them to recognize their destiny and develop a roadmap for their future. It provides them with a supportive environment to make healthy and practical lifestyle choices.


It helps to equip children and youth with social, cognitive skills to help them participate confidently in education and learning. It provides volunteer tutors to facilitate learning and promote advanced computer knowledge. It also helps youth to set their future goals and achieve their targets.

Outdoor Adventures

These adventures help the children and youth to gain new experiences, face challenges, build self-confidence and learn life-long skills. It promotes team work and helps to strengthen the peer and staff relationships. It involves activities like camping, surfing, sand boarding, horse riding etc.

Support Services

It supports important life decisions and inspires positive learning among the youth. It develops self-confidence and helps strengthen family relationships. It assists in social and emotional development of the child. It also benefits the community by engaging in community well being and development.

The Girls and Boys Brigade has more than 300 children and youth enrolled in its programs from over 20 cultural backgrounds. It has on average 17,000 attendances yearly and operates 320 days a year. It provides a safe and welcoming place for children who need a helping hand to overcome the life’s challenges and become better equipped with education and skills. It is a non-profit organization designed for the betterment of the socially unsound children to move up in the society on the basis of their education and skills.

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