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The Infants Home Child and Family Services

Providing both education and care for children who are either disadvantaged or very vulnerable due to a number of reasons.

Who we are

This is an association that was formed in the year 1874 with the main idea of providing a way which combines educating children at a very tender age and also putting in place measures to ensure that their health needs are adequately met and catered for. This is something that the association has been doing for over 140 years now and it is still something that the association is always going to provide.

This is one of the oldest organizations concerned with helping to ensure that children have the chance to live in a society that safeguards their rights along with providing families with support services that are aimed at helping them to better care for their kids.

How we do it

All the objectives of the organization are achieved through;

  • The provision of services that are based on evidence
  • Providing support services for those kids who are either vulnerable or at risk and their families
  • Providing an avenue where justice within the society is always sought for
  • Partnering with other agencies and organizations with the aim of effecting various positive changes within the societies

Major achievements of the organization

  • In the year 2013 alone, more than 2,200 kids were supported in one way or the other with the majority of them being children who together with their families were either disadvantaged or very vulnerable due to a number of reasons.
  • It has also seen to the provision of support services to more than 180,000 children from the time it was established up to date.

What we hold dear

The organization holds the following values very dear and they are;

  1. Integrity
  2. Diversity
  3. Collaboration and
  4. Innovation

What services do we provide?

We provide three main high quality services to each and every individual in the community once such an individual has been classified as needing help and these services include;

  • Education and care for the children
  • Provision of better health facilities and services
  • Putting in place early measures that are aimed at intervening on behalf of those who are disadvantaged in the society

This is also an organization that is into researching and advocating for the rights of kids and their families within the communities in which they live.

How we solicit for help from the public

The organization has put in place a number of measures through which the general public can also contribute their part towards helping those disadvantaged kids and their families. Currently, there are 6 main ways for the general public to do this and these six ways are;

Making of a donation

This is the avenue that is created for those who which to donate whatever that they can to the organization to see to it that the appropriate services are rendered to those who need them most. These donations come in three main forms and these forms are;

  1. Organizational donations
  2. Donations by individuals and
  3. The giving of gifts

Leaving a bequest

This is the avenue created for those who are about to pass away. These people also have the chance to have a very positive effect on the lives of those kids and their families alive who are either disadvantaged or vulnerable by adding the organization’s name to the list of those who stand to benefit when they finally pass away. This is one of the noble ways that a lot of people who have passed have had the chance to really contribute to the services that the organization provides.

Fundraising for the organization

This is the avenue created for those who wish to involve themselves in various fundraising activities with the aim of raising essential funds for the organization. The organization has some laid down steps that such people can follow in order to fundraise for the Infant’s Home Child and Family Services.

Supporting an event or activity

This is the avenue created for those who wish to provide either financial or material resources to the organization in helping it safely undertake an event that it has planned on doing.

Going into partnership with the organization

With this, those corporate entities can become partners of the organization and each partner will have what it seeks to achieve.

Volunteering for the organization

This is about those who provide essential human resource to the organization free of charge.

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