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The Mirabel Foundation

Mirabel assists children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental illicit drug use and are now in the care of extended family (kinship care).

The Mirabel Foundation was set up in the year 1998 and remains the only entity in Australia that is specifically supporting kids that have been abandoned or orphaned due to parental usage of illicit drugs. Currently, such children are in the care of their extended families (or kinship cares) who in most cases are normally elderly grandparents. Currently, Mirabel is supporting in excess of 1400 children across Victoria and New South Wales.

Every week, 4 children are getting referred to the services of Mirabel. The Foundation is convinced that every kid is deserving of a childhood and is working very closely with such kids is the most practical and engaging ways of shattering the vicious cycle of drug usage. Supporting children who are between 0 and18 years, the Mirabel Foundation is working towards the restoration of a child's sense of belonging, elf-worth, and hope for a better future so that they could ultimately attain their full growth potential as young adults.

The Foundation remains to date the only Australian organization working purposely with children abandoned or orphaned because of parental illicit drug usage. Majority of such kids are being taken care of by their grandparents. The Mirabel Foundation believes that each child deserves to get a childhood and the community generosity makes sure that no child is ever turned away.

All programs run by Mirabel are developed to make sure that all those vulnerable kids are granted the best chances of succeeding in life. From support for education to addressing various emotional challenges, all Mirabel activities have been designed towards restoring a sense of belonging and hope to these very young lives. Irrespective of its experiencing some positive childhood memories or a graduation from school, your kind donation will aid the kids in growing developing a stable and fulfilling future.

The Mirabel Story

Mirabel is a Children's Charity in Australia that was set up in Victoria in 1998 and later extended its services into New South Wales in the year 2003. Mirabel was the vision of one Jane Rowe, who had identified a susceptible group of children and decided to take action towards making a positive change and difference in those lives. In the course of her work as an alcohol and drug counsellor, Jane had witnessed firsthand the devastating effects brought about by usage of drug on the children belonging to drug users and the vicious cycle of abuse which tends to repeat itself throughout coming generations if no action is taken.

Since that time, Mirabel has been providing vital support and assistance thousands of kids living across Victoria and NSW. Currently, Mirabel is supporting 1400 children as well as young people, the most greatly overlooked substance abuse casualties in the society.

Mirabel Programs

Central to the organizational structure of Mirabel is the child. All of Mirabel's services and programs are built around what the child needs, their community and their kinship carers.

Mirabel is supporting children who are between aged 0 and 17 years and is working towards the restoration of kid’s sense of hope for the future, belonging and self-worth, so that they could attain their full potential as adults. Mirabel is convinced that an investment in children is the most economic and compassionate investment they could make.

Mirabel offers advocacy, research, referral, emotional and practical to the children as well as to their kinship carers. They are leading the way in the provision of a community based response to such families and in lessening the isolation and stigma they are experiencing. Mirabel’s many and diverse programs include among others:

Early Intervention

Mirabel’s Program on Early Intervention offers intake, assessment and suitable referral for new families including those that are experiencing a crisis currently. The program makes sure that susceptible kids receive enough emotional and practical support to allow them to remain with together their own siblings in nurturing and appropriate family environments.

Recreation Program

The recreational experiences provided by Mirabel’s Recreational Programs reduce the stigma and isolation that comes with parental drug use.

Therapeutic Groups

Therapeutic Groups run by Mirabel give the children a forum to share and address their grief, laughter, tears and trauma with one another. Therapeutic activities provided regularly and support from peers, children can now manage and identify their feelings effectively and express themselves in a healthy way.

Youth Support

Mirabel worked closely with the young people between 13-18 years that are experiencing crisis and are at a potentially high risk to repeat the destructive behaviour that their parents had.


The Education Program by Mirabel provided educational assessment, advocacy, school resources and tutoring to young people that are struggling with numeracy skills and literacy.

Family Events and Camps

Mirabel’s Events and Family Camps met the needs of a large number of carers and children at one time. These experiences were not only powerful for all the participants but they were also a financially sustainable way for catering for the increasing numbers of the Mirabel families.

Respite Programs

The Respite Program by Mirabel provides a kind of safe haven for the children while their respective carers get a break from caring for a young family. Often not ready for the persistent challenges of young people, respite care empowers kinship carers to preserve those energy levels that they need to remain in good health while offering the kids with experiences that are positive away from their normal primary carers.

Support Groups for Kinship Carer

Mirabel Foundation’s Kinship Carer Support Groups offer peer support, parenting information, and understanding for grandparents who were previously isolated and the other kinds of kinship carers.


Mirabel Foundation’s Volunteer Program offers chances for individuals to get involved with the activities of Mirabel and create a connection with the community. Through the assistance of countless volunteers, Mirabel is proficient at meeting the requirements of the growing children while maintaining operating costs to a bare minimum. Without the many volunteers, Mirabel would not have the ability of reaching as far and as wide as they now do.

Social Awareness Programs

We advocate for some change at the community, social and government levels. Our aim is that Mirabel children will be enabled to walk with their own heads held high, devoid of judgement, in the knowledge that we are all understanding and could help them with the struggles they are facing.

Getting Involved

Your support may well help in changing the life of a needy child today. Facilitate the delivery of vital programs through volunteering your time, donating resources, purchasing a gift or by helping in raising the essential funds. • Donate • Workplace giving and partnerships • Fund a program • Buy a gift • Fundraising and bequests • Volunteer

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