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The Pyjama Foundation

The Pyjama Foundation was established in the year 2004 and has since been rendering essential services to each and every child who is in a foster home.

About us

The Pyjama Foundation was established in the year 2004 and has since that time been rendering some very essential services to each and every child who is in a foster home.

The founder by name Bronwyn Sheehan was touched by the plight of those poor and vulnerable kids who were housed in various foster homes which culminated in the failure of such kids to make any proper meaning of their lives even when they are all grown up. This made Bronwyn Sheehan to form the Pyjama Foundation with the aim of helping those little children in foster homes to also have the chance to make it in life.

The Foundation therefore provides special care and treatment to each of these children on an individualised basis in order to make them feel the love and care that they have been missing in their lives for some time.

How does the Pyjama Foundation achieve this individualised learning program?

The Pyjama Foundation has a way through which it achieves the provision of love and care to these children and that is through the Love of Learning Program.

What is the Love of Learning Program?

It is a program that matches an instructor to one child. The work of the instructor who is also referred to as a ‘Pyjama Angel’ is to see to it that the emotional and educational needs of the child are met adequately and appropriately. It is the responsibility of the Pyjama Angel to ensure that the particular child that he or she is to cater for is made to feel much loved and made to be special.

In the Pyjama Foundation, each and every child needs a Pyjama Angel.

Our activities

The main activity of the Pyjama Foundation is to see to each that each and every child in a foster home is helped to develop into a very responsible and respectable adult even though their early stages were not all that rosy.

Each and every Pyjama Angel is expected to spend at least one and a half hours with his or her assigned child and there are a variety of activities which the Pyjama Angel is supposed to undertake like reading of story books to the child among other essential activities.

How to get involved with the Pyjama Foundation

Volunteering for the Foundation

You can get involved with the Pyjama Foundation by dedicating your time and energy to become a Pyjama Angel. In this way, you get to be assigned to one child and your responsibility is to make the child feel very important no matter his or her background. Those who volunteer for the Foundation do so without expecting any form of payment. This helps the Foundation to get a lot of valuable human resources that are needed in order to ensure that each and every child in a foster home has a Pyjama Angel.

Organise a fundraising event for the Foundation

This has to do with the general public undertaking various events with the sole aim of helping the Foundation to raise enough resources to ensure that the various appropriate services are rendered to each and every child in a foster home. Those who are willing to undertake such activities can get in touch with the Pyjama Foundation in order to be given the permission to go ahead with the fundraising event.

Corporate sponsorship

The Pyjama Foundation also allows corporate entities to get actively involved with the services that it provides for children in foster homes. As a corporate entity, some of the ways through which you can also get involved include;

  1. Agreeing to sponsor an event being organised by the Foundation
  2. Deciding to donate to the Foundation through collections that are made whenever employees get paid
  3. Volunteering to undertake various activities for the Foundation whether in the office or during an event organised by the Foundation

These are just some of the ways through which the corporate entities can also get involved with what the Pyjama Foundation does for children in foster homes.

Making of an online donation

This is for those who are willing to donate to the Foundation from their debit cards. There is an avenue where such people can make a donation to help provide for the kids.

Participating in the Little Doers Kids Fun Run

This allows you to pick a registration form and register your child to take part in the fun run that is organised by the Foundation. Those who are able to register their kids are made to run with them as they undertake various activities to help raise money for a number of charity organizations in the community.

These are some of the ways through which you can also help the Foundation to help those kids in foster homes to feel that they are also loved by providing each child with a Pyjama Angel.

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