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The Rotary Club of Emerald and District Charity Organization

A club that undertakes support activities throughout the world just to see to it that comfort is brought to those who have been without it for a long time.

About Us

The Rotary Club of emerald and district is a member of the about 34,000 Rotary Clubs that are spread all over the world and was formed on the 28th of March, 1980. Since the formation of the club it has been recognised as a part and parcel of the Emerald society. We also boast of a number of events that can only be identified with the Rotary Club of Emerald and District and one of such events is the Kids Fun Run with Thomas. This is an event which is conducted on a yearly basis and through such activities the club has raised more than $400,000 from the time it came into existence in the year 2002 up to date.

Our vision

It is the vision of the Rotary club of emerald and district charity organization to use the diverse knowledge, skills and experience of its members in providing support services to people both locally and those in other countries all over the world.

Achievements of the Rotary Club of Emerald and District

  1. Provision of two defibrillators to the Puffing Billy which cost a total of $4200.00
  2. Generation E-safe community forum
  3. Distributed food hampers to
  4. Bought public address systems for
  5. Provided bowel scan kits
  6. Provided street banners for
  7. Undertook various first aid workshops
  8. Provided walkway for Cockatoo Men’s shed

These are projects that were undertaken by the club locally. On the international scene the following activities were also undertaken;

  1. Provision of teacher training programs
  2. Sponsorship for four students
  3. Supply equipments to an educational institution
  4. Provided over 130 wheelchairs to a number of children among a lot of other equally important achievements

The projects undertaken by the club are on four distinct levels and these levels are;

  • The community
  • The international level
  • New generation level
  • Vocational level

This is a club that undertakes various support activities throughout the whole world just to see to it that comfort is brought to those who have been without it for a very long time. It provides supports services that ranges from the provision of foods to the provision of various infrastructural facilities. There is no limitation to those who can benefit from the funds that are raised by the club and international boundaries do not even discourage us from providing support to those who are in need of it. The club boasts of members who are endowed with variety of knowledge and skills and are also well experienced when it comes to their area of expertise. When all these skills and knowledge of the members are put together the end result is the ability of the club to keep on supporting a lot of individuals, institutions and even whole communities.

Funding for the club

The Rotary Club of Emerald and District Inc have a number of ways through which it raises its financial resources with which all the support activities are executed. These fundraising activities were made by first taking into consideration the happiness of the members. This means that no member is forced to pay what he or she cannot pay and whoever is a member is also made to enjoy all the benefits that come with being a member of the club. With such arrangements, every member of the club is always very satisfied with being a member of the club. Below are the various fundraising activities that are undertaken by the club

Kids Fun Run with Thomas

Although this is a fundraising activity, it is also regarded as an event which saw to various services being undertaken by the community. This is an activity which is organised to bring a lot of fun and pomp to the community and it is organised every year. This activity was first established in the year 2002 but the first was conducted in the year 2003 and since then it has been held every year which has seen to it that various sums of money are raised to support various activities both locally and internationally. In the year 2013 alone, the Kids Fun Run with Thomas brought close to $40,000 and it has always been funded by the Puffing Billy Railway which has been providing the trains along with other very important equipments that are needed to carry out the program successfully.

All American Car Show

This is an event that was introduced by Dennis Jones and Terry Thomas in the year 1992. They thought of having an event on a yearly basis which will involve the showcasing of various American Hot Rods. The Hot Rods became the sponsors of such an august event since Dennis and Thomas were members of the Hot Rods Fraternity. This event can now boast of having over 700 American super cars on show every year. Some of these American cars are the Mustangs, the Vettes and the Rods Specials. This event is organised at the Gembrook Oval.

Debutante Ball

This is an event which is also organised on a yearly basis with the first ball being organised in the year 1991. It gives the opportunity to people to buy tickets to attend the Ball and showcase their dancing skills. Nowadays, the majority of the participants are students from the college and so the ball has grown to be associated with the way of life of the college. Money raised through the Debutante Ball is used in providing various support services to a lot of people and communities.

Wheelchair for Kids

This is a volunteer event organised by the club to see to it that wheelchairs are provided for those kids who are in need of them. Through the wheelchair for kid’s event, over 300 wheelchairs have been provided for kids. Those who volunteer include people with assembling skills, sewing skills among other known skills that are needed in making wheelchairs.

White Ribbon

This involves the provision of an avenue to the public to come and partake in a number of activities that are organised by the club to help raise funds aimed at stopping all forms of violent acts committed against women.

Great Community Raffle

This is a raffle that is organised for community members to stand the chance of winning something whilst also contributing towards the funding of all the activities of the club. Raffle tickets are sold to the public and the money realised is added to the funds of the club.

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