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The Song Room

The Song Room is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) award for innovation in education.

Who we are

The Song Room is a charity organization that has been established to see to it that the disadvantaged children in Australia with regards to education are provided with the much needed help through specially and strategically planned music and art programs. These programs are also provided for those schools who are realized to be without professionally trained arts and music instructors who will handle such musical and artistic aspects of the education of the child.

What is the aim of the Song Room?

It is the aim of the Song Room to see to it that each and every child in Australia gets the chance to experience education through the musical and artistic instructional strategies and also to make sure that each and every child gets equal access and opportunities to education no matter the background of that child.

What are the achievements of the Song Room?

The Song Room can boast of a lot of achievements throughout all the years that it has been in existence and some of these achievements include;

  1. It has helped to increase the attendance rates in schools which have students taking part in programs organised by the Song Room thereby reducing the number of absentees on the part of the students.
  2. It has also helped to ensure that 45% of pupils who have been introduced to the various programs of the Song Room have all made it to the highest educational systems in the country.
  3. The ability of students to also stay motivated and concentrate on what is being taught has also been increased as students who have had the chance of experiencing the Song Room are able to concentrate on what they are being taught in class.
  4. Each and every child who has also passed through the programs of the Song Room also has also been recognised as having achieved literacy skills that are more than what the National Standards are.
  5. The Song Room is also the only charity organization that can boast of making a positive impact in the lives of about 15,000 children on a weekly basis in Australia as it has been able to educationally uplift the spirits of more than 350, 000 school-going kids in Australia from the time that it was formed up to date.
  6. It has also seen to the development of music and art departments in various schools in order to ensure that when the Song Room leaves the school, the hope of the children will not be allowed to die off.

These are some of the achievements that the Song Room has chalked since it was formed in Australia.

The Song Room is dedicated to helping each and every disadvantaged child in Australia in relation to their educational needs. However, it also sees to it that those more privileged children who have a better chance at getting educated are also provided with programs that help to make them more confident in their abilities thereby giving them the motivation that they need in order to learn well.

Programs of the Song Room

The Song Room provides a number of programs that help to motivate the kids and put them in the right frame of mind to learn and these programs are;

The In-School Workshop Program

This involves the provision of various teaching and learning activities which are prepared by experts in the field of teaching arts and music. These professional instructors then deliver their lessons to the kids and the duration for this program ranges between six (6) to eighteen (18) months.

The Early Learning Program

This is also a program of the Song Room which involves the delivering of well structured and child centred music and arts lessons for children below the age of 5 years and their guardians. This is done in order to help such kids to have the best educational foundation upon which other subsequent learning can be built.

The Parent and Community Program

This is also a program initiated by the Song Room which sees to it that strong relationships and bonds are formed between members of the community and their children through the organising of various activities and events which calls for the participation of each and every individual in the community.

The Evaluation and Research Program

This is another program which sees to it that the various activities of the Song Room are well researched and evaluated in order to make recommendations that will see to the provision of quality services in the future.

How to get involved with the Song Room

  • By donating to the Song Room
  • By seeking permission from the Song Room and organising fundraising events on behalf of the organization
  • Through the various collections that are made at the workplace in aid of supporting the Song Room
  • Through volunteering to undertake various activities for the Song Room with regards to your time and energy

These are the main ways through which an individual can also get involved with the Song Room in order to support what it does for all children in Australia.

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