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The Wesley Hospital

The Wesley Hospital is a not-for-profit private hospital owned and operated by The Uniting Church of Australia. Located in Auchenflower, Brisbane.

Who we are

The Wesley Hospital was founded on the 1st of March, 1977. It was established to provide healthcare services to people in Australia. It is a privately owned healthcare facility which has since its establishment been rendering various medical services to a lot of people throughout Australia.

What is the vision of the Wesley Hospital?

The vision of the Hospital is to see to it that each and every individual who is in need of medical care gets provided with the best that there is in order to ensure that every sick person is made well again.

What are the values of the Wesley Hospital?

The Hospital cherishes the following values;

  1. Giving hope to the sick
  2. Helping to transform their lives and
  3. To provide them with medical and spiritual healing

What is the mission of the Wesley Hospital?

The mission of the Hospital is to put into practice the exact things that we cherish most in order to create a community with healthy individuals.

What are the services provided by the Wesley Hospital?

The Wesley Hospital boasts of providing healthcare services that are of the highest quality and some of them are;


This is the provision of accommodation facilities for individuals who might have travelled from places that are far from where the hospital is situated or those people who need to stay for some time in order to get themselves or their wards properly treated. The Hospital has a number of motels which are used to serve as places for these people to sleep. The location of these accommodation facilities also makes it possible for the occupants to make all the necessary purchases that they need as the buildings are situated nearer to such shopping facilities.

The provision of clinical services

The Hospital also sees to it that various clinical services are provided by the professionals in such areas. That is why it has categorised its clinical services into the following;

  • Provision of therapies with regards to the occupation of an individual
  • The provision of therapies with regards to speech
  • The provision of nutritional services
  • The provision of rehabilitative services
  • The provision of services relating to the cardiovascular system of humans
  • The provision of a Centre that is dedicated to problems associated with the spinal cord

There are a lot more other equally very essential services which the Hospital provides under its clinical services.

All these services are provided by the Hospital under a single broad umbrella known as the clinical services and they are all aimed at ensuring that each and every ailment of an individual is well treated by professionals who have been well trained in such areas.

The provision of services for patients who are from different countries

This is the provision of healthcare services to patients who have travelled from other countries to seek for such services. The International Patients Unit, which is a branch of the Wesley Hospital helps to cater for the needs of such international patients who come to the Hospital to seek for medical treatment.

The provision of pastoral services

This deals with the provision of spiritual services which are aimed at helping an individual who is sick and receiving treatment at the Hospital to have some form of confidence in the ability of God to heal him or her from all ailments. It is mainly done to provide a form of comfort to the sick person as he or she receives treatment from the medical professionals.

These are the services that are provided by the Wesley Hospital to each and every one who comes to seek for treatment. These services provided gives a broad impression of what the Hospital does with regards to an unhealthy person. They provide healthcare and spiritual wellbeing services which makes it possible for an individual to become completely healed both physically and spiritually.

How to get involved with the activities of the Wesley Hospital

There are a number of ways through which every individual or a group of individuals can get involved with the activities of the Hospital and these include;

Donating to the Hospital

This is an avenue for both the business organizations and the individuals within the communities which allows them to donate generously to the Hospital in order to ensure that it continues to provide medical assistance to those who are sick.

Organising fundraising events

This goes for those who wish to help the Hospital by raising various sums of money through the organising of events which have been approved by the Hospital.

Becoming a volunteer

This is about donating your time and energy to help the Hospital perform certain vital activities without any form of remuneration.

Taking part in the fundraising events organised by the Hospital in aid of its Helena Goldie Project.

Another way is to do your intern at the Wesley Hospital.

These are the avenues which the Hospital has created in order for the public to help it cater for the medical and spiritual needs of patients. This is mainly due to the fact that the Hospital receives no funding from the government.

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