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Townsville Central State School

Townsville Central is a wonderful school with experienced staff, caring students, excellent facilities and in a great location.

Who we are

The Townsville Central State School is the first educational institution to be constructed in the whole of Townsville. It came into existence in the year 1879 and has been providing unequalled educational services alongside other vital support services for both students and the members of the community. The Townsville Central State School was formerly providing its educational services from the premises of the former prison but was later moved to its present location as far back as the year 1955. The school therefore surpasses any other school in the whole of Townsville when it comes to the longest serving educational institution.

What is the mission of the Townsville Central State School?

The mission of the school is to ensure that students are educated in a way that helps to sustain the environment.

What is the vision of the Townsville Central State School?

The vision of the Townsville Central State School is to help educate an individual who will be better placed to take responsibility for all of his or her actions and to undertake activities that will be in the best interest of the individual and the community as a whole.

What does the School Value?

The Townsville Central State School values the development of individuals who believe in their abilities, are resilient and have high hopes for themselves in their chosen career paths.

What has the Townsville Central State School achieved?

The School has a lot of achievements under its belt and some of these achievements include;

Coming first in;

  • The Townsville City Council Sustainability Awards
  • Townsville Eisteddfod Show Choir
  • Year 7 Science Group DAFF Hermitage Research Facilities Schools Plant Science Competition

These are but just a few of the achievements that the school has chalked over the past three years and it continues to excel in various aspects on the educational front.

Other engaging events organised by the Townsville Central State School

The school aside the normal classroom-based curriculum also puts in place other extra-curricular activities which are organised with the main aim of helping to further boost the learning environment that is already in existence. The school has two major activities that it undertakes and they are;


This involves the taking of fun-filled trips to various sites of attraction and educational value to serve as a form of helping the children to have a break from the routine classroom activities that they are subjected to on a daily basis.


This also involves the organising of trips which are aimed at helping to develop certain social and emotional skills with the students.

These two activities that are organised by the school help to create a well balanced learning environment where students are able to learn in a more effective way.

Facilities of the Townsville Central State School

The school also boosts of having a number of facilities which help with the creation of an atmosphere that supports students to learn well. There are some major facilities within the school and these include;

  • The Uniform Shop
  • The library
  • The amphitheatre
  • The Out of School Hours Care Facilities

These facilities all help to create a better learning experience for the students.

Supportive services provided by the school

The school also provides a number of essential support services to the students and the community as a whole and some of the services include;

The student resources

This involves students getting access to the Learning Place (a web-based application for both students and instructors alike)

The resources for parents

The school also provides resources for parents which enables them to know how their children are coping with school life.

Student’s support services

The school has also made it possible for students who have any kind of trouble to seek for professional advice from places like the Chaplaincy. This service can be accessed either formally or in an informal way.

The Townsville Central State School uses these resources and services to help create an educational atmosphere that brings the parents and for that reason the community, to get involved with how their children are being educated. This ensures that the children get the best learning environment within which they can peacefully and safely learn. The collaboration of parents and teachers in educating students provides results that surpass that of students who were educated by the teachers alone. Getting everyone on board with educating the child is something that the Townsville Central State School does in order to ensure that students are educated in a more complete way and this makes it possible for the realisation of the school’s motto which is “Be thorough”.

The School also has teachers who are well versed in all the best educational strategies that can be used in order to help students achieve their full potentials.

In looking for the best place to educate your child, always remember that the Townsville Central State School is miles ahead of the rest.

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