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ToyBox International

Toybox is a not for profit non-governmental organisation that is mainly concerned with helping children in the communities who are either disabled or disadvantaged in any way.

This is a not for profit non-governmental organisation that is mainly concerned with helping children in the communities who are either disabled or disadvantaged in any way. It was formed as an answer to the various limitations that these children were presented with as a result of their condition.

What is the vision of the Toybox International?

It is the vision of Toybox International to build a society that is mainly concerned with raising funds that are then used to cater for the various needs of children who have some form of disability or are disadvantaged in any way.

What is the mission of the Toybox International?

Toybox International has a very simple but essential mission and that is to see to it that each and every child living in Australia is provided with the necessary support services that help to make them excited at the prospect of being alive regardless of what they may be going through.

Toybox International has for some time now been seeing to it that Australian children who have been suffering from any kind of disability or are disadvantaged in any other way get essential services rendered to them that will help make their development less painful but more exciting and filled with a lot of fun activities. They see to it that various equipments are provided to these children and also take them on a number of trips that are mainly organised with the objective of providing them with more activities that excites them. Such things have been realised to be a very positive way of making these kids to totally forget about the various problems that they may be going through and they are able to look at life from a different perspective aside the one that they have always known.

What we do

The Toybox International performs a number of vital services to the sick and disabled children in Australia and some of these include;

The provision of interesting storybooks

These storybooks are provided to the children who are either sick or disadvantaged in order to ensure that they also get a taste of what other kids have been enjoying. Currently, the books that were supplied to the Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre by Toybox International were read to them by finalists of the Western Australia Miss Universe event which gave these kids so much joy and excitement.

The provision of mobility equipments for the kids

This is also another service of the Toybox International which sees to it that various equipments which aid the mobility of an individual are provided to those kids who have any kind of physical disability that has rendered them less mobile. The main motive behind this gesture by Toybox International is to make sure that these kids are able to move about with ease.

The provision of mobile technological gadgets to those who have an interest in them

Toybox International has also grown to realise that there are a lot of children who are really interested in technological devices but have not been able to pursue their interest due to the fact that they are either disabled or do not have the means to get them. This is something that Toybox International has also addresses as it has been providing a lot of kids who have that interest in such an area with the right and appropriate mobile devices that help them to pursue their much desired career in life.

The provision of toys for the children

Toybox International is also into the act of providing various toys that allow these kids to have a lot of fun and also be happy with themselves and what they do without being worried about their various physical and health conditions.

The provision of other equipments

Toybox International has also seen to it that certain equipments that are needed by children with disabilities are also provided for them in order to enhance their development. An example is the purchasing of a trampoline for a six year old child who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is something that was recommended by those treating him and Toybox International deemed it appropriate to get it for him in order to help with his treatment.

These and many other services are provided by Toybox International to each and every disabled and/or disadvantaged child who lives in Australia.

What you can do to help Toybox International

There are a number of things that an individual can also do in order to ensure that Toybox International keeps working for the happiness of all disabled and disadvantaged Australian kids and these include;

  • Donations
  • Purchasing of tickets to attend events organised by Toybox International
  • Making a subscription to the Toybox magazine
  • Undertaking private events to fundraise for Toybox International

It is the hope of Toybox to see to it that every child who is sick or disabled gets to enjoy life like any other healthy child so put in your best and let the kids know that you love them.

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