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UNICEF Australia

In Australia, UNICEF is working with advocate bodies and government to defend rights of children and support development programs.

UNICEF is working in over 190 countries and many territories in helping children thrive and survive, from their early childhood all through their adolescence. Being the world's largest vaccines provider for the developing countries, UNICEF is supporting child nutrition and health, good sanitation and water, basic education for all girls and boys and child protection from exploitation, violence and AIDS.

In Australia, UNICEF is working with advocate bodies and government to defend rights of children and support development programs. The funding for UNICEF is entirely by the voluntary contributions coming from businesses, individuals, governments and foundations.

UNICEF is the global driving force helping in building a world in which the every child rights are realized. It has got the global authority of influencing decision-makers, and the rich diversity of partners located at the grassroots level to make even the most innovative ideas into becoming an actual reality. This makes UNICEF unique amongst the many world organizations, and even more unique among those organizations that work with the younger people.

UNICEF Australia is convinced that caring and nurturing for children are the main cornerstones of any type of human progress. It was with this in mind that UNICEF was created, to work with other like minded bodies towards overcoming the obstacles which poverty, disease, violence, and discrimination are placing in the path of a child.

UNICEF Australia advocates for measures giving children the best possible start in life, as good care at their youngest age creates the strongest foundation for the future of a person.

UNICEF promotes the education of girls, making sure that they are completing their primary education at the least - since it benefits all the children. Educated girls grow up to be better citizens, thinkers, and naturally better parents towards their own children. UNICEF acts so that all the children get immunized against the most common of childhood diseases, because it is not right for any child to die or suffer from an illness that is preventable.

UNICEF Australia works for the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS amongst the young people as it is correct to keep them away from potential harm and empower them to give protection to others. UNICEF assists children and those families that are affected by HIV/AIDS to be able to live with dignity.

UNICEF Australia upholds the international Convention on the Child Rights. It is working towards assuring equality for persons that are discriminated against, especially women and girls. UNICEF Australia is working towards the Millennium Development Goals as well as for the promised progress contained in the UN Charter. The organization strives for security and peace. They are working to holding everybody accountable to those promises and pledges made for and to the children.

UNICEF Australia forms a component of the Global Movement for Children. This is a global and broad coalition committed to the improvement of the life of each child. Through this movement, children and young people are encouraged to voice out and take part in the decisions affecting their own lives.


Education forms the foundation stone upon which to erect a future that is free from poverty, offering a ripple effect of prospects which will resonate for generations to come. UNICEF Australia believes that all children have got the right to basic education.

Child Development and Survival

Ensuring every child's survival forms the backbone of the work being done UNICEF in all regions of the world. From vaccinating children to maternal health care, from ensuring access to proper sanitation and clean water to childhood early education, UNICEF Australia believes that every child have got the right to a healthy and full life.

Child Protection

UNICEF Australia strives towards creating an environment that is protective for all the children preventing abuse, and providing support to those that have been victims.

Emergency Response

UNICEF Australia responds to various emergencies each year, even beyond the nation's boundaries as well as those that will not make the national news.

Sports for Child Development

Sport and playing are vital elements for the wellbeing, happiness and health of all children. UNICEF Australia believes that all children have got the right to good recreation and to play in an environment that safe and healthy.

Governance and Policy

In Australia just like in the other over 190 countries UNICEF is working with governments towards bringing children's rights into the focus of official public policy. UNICEF Australia is working to make sure that better systems are being put into place for the protection of children's rights and in ensuring that kids get the opportunity of expressing their own opinions without restraint. UNICEF Australia is convinced that all children ought to gain access to all their rights.

Volunteering for UNICEF Australia

UNICEF Australia is appreciative for the bighearted backing and support of the many volunteers. Volunteers are generally called upon on a need basis or when needed in the UNICEF Australia Sydney office to help with administration and fundraising, or to assist during UNICEF special events. UNICEF Australia volunteers make an amazing resource and the organization appreciates that the work being done would not perhaps be possible without their continued input. Apart from during special events, the UNICEF volunteers typically are needed during normal the office hours.

Making a Bequest

By having UNICEF in your Will, you will be making sure that future generations of many young lives are going to get improved. Bequests support the ongoing work and helps in funding projects.


Pick an event for fundraising

You're going to be spoilt for options with lots of events to pick from on the organization's Events Page. In case none of them please you, you could visit the Fundraising Ideas page to get inspired and then create your personal event.

Complete a fundraising proposal

In case you opt to create your individual event, you'll require filling UNICEF's Proposal to Fundraise online form.

Start fundraising

Upon your fundraising event being approved, you may begin fundraising and seeking for donations from your family members, friends and your work colleagues online through online channels such as GoFundraise and EverydayHero. These are some of the easiest and quickest ways of raising funds through your own individualized fundraising page.

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