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United Way Ballarat

United Way Ballarat is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on improving what it considers to be the building blocks for any strong community.

United Way Ballarat is a non-governmental organisation based in Ballarat, Victoria State, Australia. It focuses on improving what it considers to be the building blocks for any strong community. These building blocks are:

  • Education – United Way Ballarat aims to improve the provision of quality education to children in Ballarat, Australia. A quality education leads to a job that pays a good income.
  • Income – A financially stable individual and family is a happy family, logically, this leads to an empowered community. As the old adage goes, family is the pillar of society. A few of the measures United Way Ballarat puts in place to deliver on the above is providing financial and basic needs support to families that are in dire need.
  • Health – Health encompasses physical, mental and emotional well-being. United Way Ballarat addresses issues in society such as youth drug abuse.


Founded in 1983 by the residents of Ballarat area, the organisation was originally known as the Ballarat and Districts Community Fund.

The main aim was to support the community in important areas of their lives for the betterment of the entire society.


  • Give – United Way Ballarat fosters the spirit of giving money and goods in the society.
  • Advocate – Those in the community who have a voice in the area affairs should voice the opinions of those who cannot.
  • Volunteer – United Way Ballarat believes that it is important to spare time and energy and invest it towards the growth of society.


The goal is to change Ballarat for the better by uniting the community. This is done using a three pronged strategy:

  • Measure – By helping Ballarat area to identify issues of concern for all.
  • Connect – Foster relationships among community members in addition to developing leadership to steer Ballarat forward.
  • Mobilise and Raise – Bring together resources that are vital to further the society.


The vision is a world where all have access to quality education, sufficient income and good health.


Guided tours through Ballarat town

The purpose of these tours is to give insight about the agents working with the community and therefore help identify key issues that must be addressed.

The Breakfast Program

United Way Ballarat provides food 5 mornings a week to those that are unable to fend for themselves, they also take time to interact with these people which is important to learn their views of what can be done to improve the community.

Mentoring of the Youth

To help the youth actively participate in school work and to aid in their personal growth. United Way Ballarat provides school going children with mentors who they can confide in about the challenges they face.


The following organisations and groups provide as with much needed funding to carry out our goals:

  • The department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • The commonwealth
  • Damascus college


United Way Ballarat encourages community members to get involved in either of three ways:

  • To give their money and goods to the organisation.
  • Volunteer their time and get actively involved in changing Ballarat.
  • To advocate for those that do not have a voice in society.
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