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UnitingCare NSW ACT

The Board of the NSW and ACT Synod of the Uniting Church responsible for the work of community services, chaplaincy, social justice and advocacy.

About Us

UnitingCare NSW.ACT is a society that was formed by the NSW Board and the Uniting Church’s ACT Synod. It was mainly formed to see to it that various services were undertaken to improve the communities within which they work and also to see to it that social justice is upheld in each and every community throughout the country.

Our values

The UnitingCare NSW.ACT is a society that values being able to show compassion to each and everyone and also being fair and firm to all people without fear or favour.

How we work

Using the Bible and its teachings to ensure that the performance of the daily activities of each and everyone is properly done in accordance with what the Bible teaches and also the way those activities are viewed by the Church.

Our services

UnitingCare NSW.ACT delivers a number of high quality services to the people within the communities and these services are;

  • Advocating for the fair treatment o each and everyone in the society
  • Caring for the young ones and their families
  • Caring for the aged in the society
  • Seeking for social justice within each and every community through the Social Justice Charter of the society
  • Provision of support for those who are disabled
  • Provision of counselling with regards to relationships among other essential services

These are very essential services that help in ensuring that the members within the communities are able to live a life that is free from any oppression.

What our social justice advocacy is about

Our service of social justice advocacy is about empowering each and every member of the community to be bold and courageous in proclaiming the word of the Lord to those near and far in order to ensure that all the evils of society which have for such a very long time impeded the achievement of peace and justice are eliminated.

It is also about helping those who constantly have their freedom trampled on by others, those who are hurting physically or emotionally and those who are in dire financial problems.

These are the things which the society seeks to correct and this it does by using the Church to create awareness for the essence of having social justice in our communities.

What it means to have a career working at UnitingCare NSW.ACT

To work at UnitingCare presents one with a number of some benefits that can only be realised at UnitingCare and some of these include;

  • The creation of an environment which involves each and everyone involved with the society in what we do (Inclusiveness)
  • Having the ability to work with various departments that the society partners like the Education and the Employment and Workplace Relations Departments
  • Whoever gets to work at UnitingCare NSW.ACT does so only based on his or her qualifications and experience in working at similar places which means that the recruitment of workers is not biased in any way at UnitingCare

How you can also get in involved with UnitingCare NSW.ACT

This is a society which has for such a very long time now decided to handle the various problems that are encountered by members of the community and it has always depended mostly on the help and support that are provided by certain individuals and some corporate organizations. As a result of this the society has made it possible for others to also come and help with all the things that we do and these ways are;

Making of a tax deductible donation

This refers to the donations that we receive from both individuals and corporate organizations alike. The government deducts its percentage of tax from these donations due to the fact that they are above the allowed tax-free donations.

Workplace giving

This refers to the funds that the society receives from the staff members of those corporate organizations. These are donations that are collected through the placing of donation boxes in those workplaces so that each and every worker can make a donation whenever he or she has something that he or she wishes to give. These funds are then given to the society when the time is due.

Another way of giving at the workplace is through the making of monthly pledges where at the end of every month an amount is deducted from every worker’s salary and given to the society.

Becoming a foster carer

This refers to those who are willing to take a child and provide that child with care and love for either the short term or the long term. It does not matter whether one is married or not married, each and everyone who wishes to provide foster care for any of the children who have been deprived of such tender love and care can come and arrange to take such a child into his or her home and the society also sees to it that appropriate support services are provided to such people so that they can care for the children in a more professional and appropriate way.

Leaving a bequest

This refers to the inclusion of UnitingCare NSW.ACT in one’s Will so that at the passing of such a person the society can claim whatever it is that was bequeathed to it by the individual and this is also backed by the law. This means that an opportunity is also provided for people to be able to make a difference in the lives of a lot of other people even when they are no more. The society provides legal guidance to those who wish to do this since it has to be recognized by the law of the land.


This refers to the provision of vital services to the society by members of the community and these services are always rendered without any demands being made by the volunteers. People who wish to make a difference in the lives of those that are very old in the community, the children and those that are disabled are given the chance to help the society in whatever way they can like undertaking of various activities in the interest of the society among other useful services.

These are the ways through which UnitingCare NSW.ACT gets the members of the community involved in the vital services that it has been rendering to those who are in need of such services.

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