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Variety Australia

A not-for-profit organization empowering Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.

Who we are

The Variety Australia Limited is a charity organisation that was established in the year 1975 even though by then it had been in existence in the United States of America for over 50 years. It is referred to as the children’s charity due to the manner in which it was formed and the people that it dedicates its time, money and other resources to. It was through the idea of some business showmen who decided to cater for an abandoned child that Variety became established and since that time, it has been seeing to it that each and every child who has any need, whether as a result of a disability or being abandoned, is provided with the support services that he or she needs.

What is the mission of the Variety Australia Limited?

It is the mission of Variety Australia Limited to see to it that each and every child who is disadvantaged or has any kind of disability gets provided with supportive services that will make him or her to be able to live, laugh and learn in the communities that they stay.

What is the vision of the Variety Australia Limited?

The vision of the Variety Australia Limited is to help create a society where each and every child in Australia gets the chance to realise his or her full potentials without being hindered by any kind of disability.

What are the values of the Variety Australia Limited?

The values of Variety Australia Limited are;

  • To give each and every disadvantaged or special needs child an equal platform with which they can also achieve their dreams
  • To create an inclusive community
  • To create awareness about the things that such children go through
  • To support children with disabilities and other needs to live, laugh and learn

What are the services provided by the Variety Australia Limited?

The Variety Australia Limited provides three (3) unique services to children who have been identified as having some kind of disability, special needs or being disadvantaged in any way and who live in Australia. These services include the following;

The provision of the Variety Freedom Program

This is a program which sees to the provision of services that are aimed at helping to provide children with disabilities mobility support equipments. These equipments give such children the opportunity to move about with a bit of ease.

The provision of the Variety Future Kids Program

This involves the provision of equipments that are aimed at enhancing the ability of such children with disability to learn very well.

The provision of the Variety Caring Program

This program involves the provision of things that are aimed at supporting children with disabilities who are in the care of various institutions in the country.

How to support the Variety Australia Limited

There are a number of ways through which you can support the Variety Australia Limited and they include;

  • Becoming a corporate sponsor
  • Fundraising for the organisation
  • Becoming a volunteer
  • Leaving a bequest
  • Making donations to the organisation
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