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Variety SA

Variety - The Childrens Charity is a not-for-profit organization empowering Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.

Who we are

This is a society that was established to cater for all the needs of those children who are regarded as orphans in the society. Although this society was formed in the late 1920’s by a group of show businessmen in Pittsburgh in the United States of America, it wasn’t until the year 1975 that it came to Australia. The society has since that time been providing for the needs of orphans throughout the entire country of Australia with branches which are referred to as ‘tents’ in every state within Australia.

It was formed when a baby girl that had been abandoned by her mother was found by the show business people. They took her in and decided to raise support to cater for the needs of this child and were surprised at how much they were able to get. This made them to form the Variety society in order to widen the services that they were rendering to other orphans within the community. This is why the Variety charity organization is also known as the heart of show business.

The vision and mission of Variety

It is to see to it that each and every child within Southern Australia who is either disadvantaged, sick or orphaned gets to have a chance at the three essential l’s in the world and that is to live, laugh and learn.

Programs of the Variety charity organization

The Variety Charity organization has three main programs and these are;


This program deals with the provision of very essential equipments to children who are in need of such materials most in the community.


This also deals with the provision of medical assistance and support to those children who are in need of proper healthcare services.


This deals with the support that is provided by the society to children undertaking various endeavours in the field of education, sports and art.

These are the three main programs that the Variety charity organization has in place to see to it that each and every child who has any form of disability or is disadvantaged in any way also gets a better shot at living a life that is full of laughter.

Services that are rendered by the Variety charity organization

The following are some of the services that the Variety charity organization renders to children in the southern part of Australia;

  • The ladies of variety which is a program that is organised to provide a lot of fun activities for children throughout southern Australia
  • The variety freedom program which helps to fund the purchasing of various equipments that enable those physically disabled children to have an easy way of moving around
  • The variety future program is a program which sees to it that each and every child with cerebral palsy is provided with a computer which helps to further improve the learning environment of such kids
  • The variety caring for kids program also deals with the provision of medical equipments that are needed in order to care for children properly in the hospitals
  • The variety show of hearts scholarship program is mainly to give help to those kids who have the urge to pursue either their talent in sports or in the field of art.

These services are provided in their entirety to ensure that each and every child within the southern part of Australia who has any form of disability is properly cared for so as to allow them grow up with confidence in themselves and their capabilities.

How to get involved with Variety charity organization

The following are the ways through which individuals and corporate institutions can get involved with the things that the organization does;

Become a member

The public, through this avenue, can become active participants of everything that goes on within the organization. Each and every member is expected to pay some amount as monthly membership dues and this allows the person to also stand to enjoy each and every benefit that comes with being a member of Variety.

Volunteering for Variety

The individual or corporate body can through this channel dedicate the time to undertaking various activities for the organization.

Fundraise for Variety

The organization has put in place a number of strategically planned fundraising activities which the general public can use with the permission of Variety in raising funds for the organization.

Buying of merchandise from Variety

This includes the purchasing of a variety of items from the organization like the license plate covers and the teddy bears.

Corporate sponsorship

Businesses are also given the chance to make a difference in the lives of these children by providing sponsorship packages that will help the organization in providing for the children.

Becoming a business partner

This is the forming of a partnership between Variety and business organizations in SA with the aim of helping each partner to realise its dreams and aspirations.

Variety has always sought to ensure that each and every child gets to live, laugh and learn without anything to hold him or her back.

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