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Variety NT

Variety - Empowering sick and disadvantaged children or those with any special physical and social needs to learn, live, and laugh.

Variety, the Children’s Charity Northern Territory is a nationwide as well as global charity which initially started in Australia in the year 1975. The Charity’s activities are implemented through direct interaction with the affected individual families plus relevant organisations towards the then realization of the organization’s mission. This is empowering sick and disadvantaged children or those with any special physical and social needs to learn, live, and laugh.

Variety NT is managed by an amazing Board of directors, professional and dedicated members of staff and very enthusiastic committees. The organization is blessed to have many volunteers who are willing giving their time and resources as well.

Vision and Mission

Variety Northern Territory’s mission is basically about empowering sick children, those who are at a disadvantage or are having special needs in the Northern Territory to learn, laugh and live.

Variety NT Programs

Through the kindhearted support of individual and corporate givers and partners as well as very committed volunteers, Variety Northern Territory has been providing 3 core initiatives:

  1. Future Kids Program: Supports kids through their sporting, educational, or artistic experiences and endeavours.
  2. The Freedom Program: Providing equipment that supports mobility including Liberty Swings and Sunshine Coaches.
  3. Caring for Kids Program: Offering family support and medical assistance.

Operating Principles

It’s by working in these three programs that the charity is delivering a range of unique services and good which are greatly assisting individual kids coming from a an assortment of emotional, physical, and stressful financial conditions.

As the organization gets its grants and acquires the needed supplies and equipment directly, as a supporter you may rest knowing that your contribution is being well utilized going where it makes the biggest impact.

It’s with your kind hearted and generous support that Variety is able to give in excess of a million dollars every month worth of services and goods to Australian kids having special needs. To date the organization has been able to deliver help that is worth in excess of $180 million.

How Your Money Assists Variety NT

Yearly, Variety is directly helping in excess 150,000 individual kids and their families who are need, offering them providing much needed and practical grants going into items such as electric beds, modified tricycles, and devices for communication for kids who under normal circumstances might fall through the cracks.

Every day thousands of special kids have been enabled to travel on Sunshine Coaches, and each month, 3 new Coaches are placed on the roads.

Disadvantaged and regional Northern Territory schools are getting much appreciated computing facilities including vital play and learning equipment. Variety NT in addition is getting regular requests in their hundreds of requests for communication software, vocal output devices, as well as other types of technologies.

Getting Involved

Weekly, Variety NT is touching many lives children all made possible by members, volunteers, donors and sponsors without whose generosity and support it would have been impossible.

Ways of lending your support include:

  • Membership
  • Volunteering
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Fundraise
  • Bequeathing
  • In memory

Through any of the above methods, you are in a position of making a huge and impactful difference when you get involved with the activities of Variety the Children’s Charity.

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