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Variety VIC

Variety - The Childrens Charity is a not-for-profit organization empowering Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.

About us

Variety is referred to as the Children’s Charity mainly because of the unqualified services that it renders to each and every child in Victoria who has any type of physical, emotional or intellectual disability or is disadvantaged in any way in the community of Victoria.

It has been rendering such services to children in Victoria for as long as forty (40) years now which is something that is not easily achievable.

Variety has been in existence since the year 1928 after some eleven men who were in the show business came upon an abandoned child one day and decided to take her in and cater for her after all efforts by the police had ended in futility.

Mission of Variety in Victoria

It is the mission of Variety in Victoria to ensure that each and every child living in Victoria who is sick, disabled or disadvantaged in any way is empowered to fully maximize live, laugh and laugh philosophy of the organization.

Vision of Variety in Victoria

It is the vision of Variety in Victoria to see to it that each and every child has the chance to make the best out of his or her life no matter his or her physical, emotional or intellectual condition and the type of place or family that he or she comes from.

Main purpose of Variety in Victoria

Variety in Victoria has its main purpose to empower the children in Victoria and allow them to live a life that is appropriate for each and every child.

Programs of Variety in Victoria

Variety in Victoria like all the other Variety branches operates with three (3) main programs that are aimed at helping to better assist these children who are disadvantaged or have any kind of disability and these programs are;

The Freedom Program

This is a program which seeks to ensure that each and every child who is physical disabled and therefore has limited mobility is supported with the appropriate mobility equipment in order to better facilitate the movements of such an individual by providing such children with equipments like bikes, wheelchairs and walkers. This allows the children to also have the chance of moving about more easily.

The Caring for Kids Program

This is a program initiated by the Variety in Victoria to provide better healthcare services to each and every Victorian child who is sick and in the house or in a hospital. It is given to such children to ensure that they are restored to their proper health conditions so that they can live, laugh and learn without any restraints.

The Future Kids Program

This is also a program that Variety uses in order to provide proper assistance and equipments to each and every child living in Victoria who is either physically or intellectually disabled in order to ensure that they are given the chance to also have a better shot at life.

How you can also help Variety to keep up with the services that it renders to Victorian kids

The public also has the chance to contribute to the various services and programs that Variety seeks to provide for each and every Victorian child and these include;

Corporate sponsorship

This avenue is for those business organizations that are interested in helping Variety to help Victorian children. This involves things like monthly or fortnightly payroll giving, collections made at the workplace in honour of Variety, sponsoring of an event that Variety wants to undertake and provision of gifts either financially or in material form. Each of these ways all help Variety to better support the kids in Victoria with all kinds of sicknesses and disabilities.


This is also an avenue that is created for those who are ready and willing to offer their energy and knowledge to Variety in order to see to it that various services and activities which would have cost a lot of money are done without charging anything. There are so many things that those who volunteer for Variety can do in order to put a smile on the face of a sick or disabled child.

Workplace giving

Individual employees in an institution can also agree to contribute on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on when they get paid. These workplace donations are then sent to Variety to help pay for the various equipments that it keeps on procuring for the sick and disabled Victorian children.

Organising community fundraising events

Variety does not receive any funding from the government and therefore entreats the general public to organise various fundraising events in order to provide it with resources that are needed to purchase more equipments for the children.


You can also make secure donations to Variety by filling the online donation form provided on their website.

Other ways to also make a contribution to Variety include bequests and in-memory donations.

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