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Very Special Kids Organization

Regarded as the first charity organization that sought to provide help for each and every child who had any condition that was fatal to their health.

About us

This is a charity organization that was formed in the year 1985 after the pains the two families had gone through the previous year due to their children suffering from leukaemia and the eventual deaths of their children. That served as the as a the main reason for the organization to be formed as it was realized that a lot of other families had also been going through similar experiences without better treatment and support services being provided for them.

It is regarded as the first charity organization that sought to provide help for each and every child who had any condition that was very fatal to their health.

The purpose of the Very Special Kids organization

The main purpose of the organization is to provide families with care and supportive services for the entire time that their kids will be receiving treatment to the time that they will recover or even to those times that they will pass away.

What the organization values

The organization values a number of things and some of these include the showing of respect to each and every individual, collaborating with others to provide a very strong system of caring for the children and being compassionate to each and every one.

The vision of the organization

It is the vision of the organization to see to it that a world that ensures each and every family that has a child that is suffering from any fatal sickness is properly supported and provided with services that will enhance the recovery of those children.

Services rendered by the Very Special Kids organization

The organization provides a number of services to the families of those children who are identified as suffering from sicknesses that threatens their very lives and these services are given without charging the families anything. Some of these services are;

  • The provision of support for families that are emotionally down and are in need of counselling
  • Provision of support for families that have lost a child to the any of the life-threatening sicknesses
  • The training of volunteers to offer various services to families that may need such services
  • Helping to provide various activities for these children to socialize with each other

These are some of the services that the Very Special Kids organization provides to families due to the tumultuous situations that families go into the moment a child is diagnosed with a condition that is very fatal to their health.

How to offer your help to the organization

The organization depends largely on the support that it gets from the general public as it aims to provide services that will help children with a condition that are classified as being life-threatening. It is for this reason that it has developed some ways through which the public can also help the organization. These ways include;

Making of a donation

This involves the making of a donation to the organization and it can be done in four main ways namely;

  • On a monthly basis
  • Every three months
  • Every year
  • A one-time donation

An individual is allowed to use any of these ways to donate to the organization.

Through the Piggy Bank Appeal

This also deals with the making of appeals in helping to raise money for the organization.

Organising a fundraising event in the name of the organization

This deals with being given the opportunity to organise fundraising activities in honour of the organization.

Becoming a corporate supporter

This means that a corporate entity can also come and enter into a partnership with the organization. This is a partnership that ensures that each member is able to achieve whatever target it has set.

Making of a bequest

This one deals with the inclusion of the organization in one’s Will so that when the time comes for the Will to be read, the organization will also be given what was given to it by the person who has passed away.

Volunteering for the organization

The organization also allows each and everyone who wishes to help in providing support through the undertaking of volunteer activities which in one way or the other sees to it that those children are bettered cared for. There are a whole lot of activities that those who decide to volunteer for the organization can take part in.

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