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Weave Youth and Community Services

A community organisation that has been working with disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, women, children and families in Sydney for over 35 years.

Who we are

Weave Youth and Community Services was first established in the year 1975 through the initiatives of a group of parents who were bothered with how safe it was for children on the streets during those late hours of the day. It was then known as the South Sydney Youth Services but later changed its name to the Weave Youth and Community Services. It has been functioning in the capacity of an organisation that does not seek to profit from the services that it provides for people since it became registered and in the year 1993 it became recognised as an association.

Weave Youth and Community Services is an organisation that is mainly concerned with providing supportive assistance people who have been socially discriminated against and are also liable to other forms of maltreatments within the community.

The vision of Weave Youth and Community Services

It is the vision of the Organisation to help create a vibrant community where each and every individual is respected and treated in a way that ensures the equality of all.

The mission of Weave Youth and Community Services

To see to it that supportive services are provided for people who are vulnerable in the communities and to ensure that they each get equal chances at realising their dreams in life.

Services provided by Weave Youth and Community Services

There are a number of programs that are run by the Weave Youth and Community Services in order to ensure that each and every vulnerable individual with the community gets protected and provided with services that will make them strive to become the best that they can ever be. Some of these programs are;

Tutoring program

This is a program that has been initiated to help provide the much needed know-how to these young people in order that they may be well equipped to carry on with solving individual school assignments that they will be given at school. This program makes it possible for them to become very confident in their ability to solve problems on their own.

The Speak Out Program

This is the provision of a variety of well planned services that are aimed at helping an individual to mentally and emotionally cope with a particular situation that he or she finds him or herself. Services like guidance and counselling are provided to each and every individual who falls into this category with the aim of helping them to overcome the trauma and grief that is associated with such a condition.

The Weave Arts Program

This is a program that is aimed at providing equal opportunities for each and every individual who has been involved in acts that leave a toll on the mental state and health of a person like the taking in of banned substances and alcohol. Such people are given the chance to express their emotions in a variety of art related ways in an environment that is without any form of stigmatisation or discrimination.

The Street Beat Program

This is a program that has been introduced to provide a number of high quality services to young people who are under the age of 18 years. It is mainly for those individuals who are identified as being very vulnerable and at a higher risk of either getting involved with the taking of hard drugs, alcohol and/or being rendered homeless. This program sees to the provision of services like housing facilities, educational and training, support with jobs among other equally important services that help these young people to get back on the right path.

These are just some of the programs that the Weave Youth and Community Services provides in its bid to ensure that people at a higher risk of becoming homeless or getting addicted to the use of alcoholic beverages and hard drugs are supported to get their lives back to where it should be.

How to get involved with what Weave Youth and Community Services does

Weave Youth and Community Services relies on the support that they receive from individuals and business entities in the society to continue with its provision of supportive services to people who are in need of such services. In this regard, there are a number of ways through which the members of the community can support the Organisation and these include;

The giving of a tax deductible donation

This involves the individual agreeing to be deducted an amount of money on a continuous basis usually within an interval of one month.

The making of a one-time donation

This involves the individual or a group of individuals donating to the Foundation once and not being obligated to continue with such donations.

Workplace donations

This is for those who wish to support the Organisation by making various contributions at the place where they work either on a weekly or monthly basis.


This refers to those who wish to donate their time and energy to carrying out various activities for the Organisation.

Participating in events

This is also a way through which people can also help the Organisation by taking active part in any of the events that are organised throughout the year.

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