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WellWishers is helping the people of Tigray alongside Relief Sciety of Tigray (REST) to construct water wells in that Province.

Approximately 85 million people are living in the nation of Ethiopia. This nation is even larger than South Australia. The majority of people in Ethiopia are living on under 1$ a day and a vast number of them cannot even have access to clean water.

WellWishers is a group of Australian individuals making a difference through fundraising for money. WellWishers globally have been contributing and donating their funds towards continuing a program of offering and presenting Hand-Dug Water Wells in areas of the Ethiopian northern province of Tigray.

The specific program was initiated in 1986 by Community Aid Abroad (CAA) and then taken further by Oxfam Australia that succeeded CAA. In the year 2005, the work and activities of Oxfam Australia in the Horn of Africa got discontinued. A couple of private supporters of the then Hand-Dug Wells Tigray, Ethiopia program came to the decision that this was too vital to be allowed to lapse completely. From the year 2002, they have been able to raise money towards building in excess of 600 wells, forever altering about 250,000 lives.

The individual donors generally give amounts that differ in amounts with all the donations then getting pooled. Donations that are made by taxpayers in Australia are tax deductible. The WellWishers programme has no related pastoral activities.

WellWishers is working with Relief Society of Tigray (REST), which is an Ethiopian Not-For-Profit Non Government organization. Relief Society of Tigray has since 1978 been helping the people of Tigray and constructing water wells in that Province for in excess of 20 years.

The Work of WellWishers

Even though the founder of WellWishers, Ross Allan retired from directly managing the organization in June 2014, he continues to offer his keen support towards the incredible work that continues to be carried out in Tigray, Ethiopia.

WellWishers has been linked since 2002 with the Wells Program, having witnessed first-hand the need by the villagers for wells and the great potential of how clean water could dramatically alter and enhance many lives. Buoyed by the many that joined them on this worthy journey, they formally set up in 2007 the WellWishers Trust through which they are able to go on raising funds for this noble and very rewarding African initiative. They are also hoping to count on your great backing too.

Providing clean water to vulnerable communities eliminates many water-borne diseases causing high rates of infant mortality as well as other health complications. WellWishers desires to continue planning for, building and monitoring of water wells in Ethiopia.

Where do they Work?

WellWishers works in Tigray Province rural villages in Northern Ethiopia through providing funding for building of Hand Dug Water Wells. Constructing one well cost about $6000 and it will forever alter the lives of nearly 300 recipients. WellWishers selects the well sites, organizes and does the monitoring of the construction work as well as offering training for book-keeping and well maintenance.

The Mission Statement

WellWishers mission and goal is stopping women, daughters and others from having to spend sometimes close to three hours each day in collecting just four litres daily per person of often polluted water from a source that is shared with their defecating herds of livestock. This will help in stopping up to 20 per cent of kids below 5 years dying from preventable water-borne diseases.

The goal of WellWishers is to maximize on its yearly fundraising activities so as to rapidly and effectively construct as many wells in Ethiopia as possible bringing clean water to as many as possible, hence extending, saving and enhancing lives.

Helping in Providing Clean and Safe Water by Giving

In November 2011, the Government of Australia approved WellWishers to be a Designated Gift Recipient, implying that now they can issue tax deductibility receipts. This in effect was quite an accomplishment since very few charitable organizations raising funds within Australia that are to be spent abroad usually get this approval. Because the Government's requirements are extremely stringent, WellWishers is quite very proud to have been granted this special status. All donations made within Australia that are in excess of $2.00 are Tax Deductible and tax deductible official receipts are given by WellWishers. Donations coming from other world countries are also very encouraged and welcomed!

Donating to WellWishers

Today, you could opt to begin assisting WellWishers like so many others have done. This organization is undertaking incredible work and is helping lots of people towards having accessibility to clean and safe water, an aspect of life many are daily taking for granted. The great aspect about it all is that any kind of assistance that you accord to WellWishers is taking them closer nearer to their objective of building another very useful well in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Among the many ways of giving and assisting include:

  • Giving a one-time online donation
  • Becoming a regular online giver
  • Donating via mail
  • Leaving a bequest
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