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Wesley Mission

The commitment of Wesley Mission to its Christian faith has guided them towards supporting and advocating for the most susceptible members of society.

For in excess of 200 years, the commitment of Wesley Mission to its Christian faith has guided them towards supporting and advocating for the most susceptible members of society.

With over 3,000 volunteers and more than 2,000 staff supporters-plus strong NSW and Federal Government partnerships-the services offered by Wesley Mission are now catering to a wide spectrum of the Australian community, ranging from families, youth and children, to older persons and care givers. This also extends to anybody who is struggling with domestic or financial challenges, addiction, homelessness, or even issues of mental health.

Wesley Mission History

The roots of Wesley Mission can be traced to the very first Methodist Church set up in Sydney in the year 1812. The church was later renamed in 1884 to the Central Methodist Mission, developing a distinctive 'Word and Deed' Christian ministry centering on evangelism plus social justice for the vulnerable and poor of Sydney.

In 1977, following many years of negotiation and planning, Australia's initial home-grown mainstream church was launched, bringing together the Presbyterian Church of Australia, the Methodist Church of Australasia, and the Congregational Union of Australia to becoming the Uniting Church. Being a Methodist church, the subsequent Central Methodist Mission developed into component of the Uniting Church, assuming a new name, the Wesley Central Mission, later becoming Wesley Mission.

These days the Uniting Church of Australia is the 3rd largest Christian denomination in all Australia, having around 300,000 members throughout some 2,800 congregations. The Uniting Church has got congregations which are spread throughout Australia.

Wesley Mission Vision

The vision is simple and straight forward: 'Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.'

Often called John Wesley's Rule, the vision statement has been in various versions been attributed to a number of early John Wesley followers. The mission statement grounds Wesley Mission in its Methodist roots and reminds them that they stand in an extended line of many who have been previously propelled to do all the good they could over the passage of centuries. It in addition, offers a goal to aspire to, to reach into the future with certainty and hope. The vision statement calls for certainty, to be an organisation having a number of good, established and acceptable traits.

Wesley Mission Values

Emanating from Christian compassion and love Wesley Mission is guided by Christ-like servant-hood, unfailing uprightness, and bold commitment.

Wesley Mission values form the basis of resilience and strength. These keeps the Mission grounded and focused and make Wesley Mission who they are. Irrespective of what they undertake, others are always put first based on:

  • Putting the others first
  • Being honest to self
  • Daring to try


Throughout the history of Wesley Mission, they have remained undaunted in attempting novel things and adopting diverse approaches as they endeavor to do all the good they can. They have initiated ingenious ways of caring for older persons and families that are in want and developed new approaches towards mental health care, youth mentoring, homelessness, suicide prevention and counseling services. Wesley Mission continues embracing innovation without ever losing focus on their clear foundations, which are propelled by the Christian faith plus the example and message of Jesus Christ.


Wesley Mission is a community that is committed to caring for all those they can and is convinced of the great need for comprehensive social inclusion. In whatever they do, they strive towards addressing the key pillars of social exclusion: unemployment, poverty, poor health and wellbeing, poor educational outcomes, dearth of access to quality social support, discrimination, and omission from services. Wesley Mission is driven by a Christian global view seeking to produce healthy relationships and taking approaches which build on the inherent strengths of the people and their communities.


Wesley Mission purposes to keep on carrying the fine work being undertaken for as long as they can. In order to achieve that, they utilize resources wisely, spending wisely and ensuring that longevity is fundamentally built into the framework of their services and programs.


Wesley Mission endeavors to carry on the work of Christ in deed and Word. They aim to pursue the example He laid and carry on undertaking the types of things that marked His entire life here on earth. In all that Jesus Christ did, He offered hope. Christ embraced persons for who they really were and He let them be aware that they deserved living a life that was meaningful and fulfilled.

Teaching and Preaching

During His life on our earth, Jesus was spreading the good news of salvation and God's love plus His plan of salvation to all whom He encountered. Wesley Mission believes that all are called to bring a similar message of the love of God to the world today. Teaching and preaching from the Scripture forms the foundation for Wesley Mission.

Displaying Unconditional Compassion

Wesley Mission follows the example of Jesus Christ in caring for the deepest needs of people and offering them love that is unconditional. They aim for healing and restoring, mending what may have been broken and helping bring together those vital fragments of their lives that could have been ripped apart. Their love stems from genuine compassion and concern for a world that God loves.

Speaking out and Advocacy

Jesus was not frightened of standing up to the day's authorities and in speaking out against the systems of oppression or injustice. He was an excellent advocate for those deemed unworthy of care or attention by society. Wesley Mission heavily draws on the know-how gained and on those working with it to present a voice for those many that frequently are going unheard in society. Wesley Mission has commissioned numerous researches towards generating useful reports on children and families, mental health, disability services, homelessness, and financial stress. Often they are called upon by the media to voice out and speak out on matters like gambling, homelessness and financial stress. Wesley Mission uses their expertise in these areas in influencing decision-making and policies.

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