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Wesley Mission Brisbane

Wesley Mission Brisbane supports, in many different ways, those who are living in conditions of disability, isolation, unemployment or mental illness.

Instated in 1906, the Wesley Brisbane Mission continues to work this day under the umbrella of Albert Street Methodist Church of Brisbane. The people supported by this mission are those who are living in conditions of disability, isolation, unemployment or mental illness. In Queensland, this mission is the pioneer in providing care for the aged persons. In home care, residential care and independent living options are a few services offered to the elderly citizens.

The mission can boast of over a hundred years of experience in home care for the elderly, child care, child support programs and other community care programs. These facilities have benefited 80,000 Queenslanders every year.

The needs of the community keep changing with time and since the mission has an ability to adapt these changes, it is held in respect by the industrial sector, the society and the government. The vision of this charity organization is to create a society that takes into account every single person. It strives to empower people aided by compassion, commitment and adherence to justice.


The very first noble acts that laid the foundation of this organization had been performed by the Ministers of the church. One of these was a funeral service held for a prostitute who was broke to the last penny and had no one to mourn her. Other mentionable visionary actions were the establishment of a social service for the poor citizens around the community and the making of a village where old people were cared for.

These humble acts laid the foundation of the organization which now stands are 2400 permanent staff members and more than a thousand volunteers. Together they work to support over 80,000 people every year. The revenue that is generated is re directed to programs undertaken by the charity organization.

There is a timeline of events on the website of this charity organization which marks the most important events that have led the organization to where they are.

Partner Projects

Given the gregarious nature of man and the kind of work we do, it is necessary to collaborate with other smaller charity organizations so that better results can be achieved in the community. One of the partner organizations that we have been working with is OzHarvest which has been a part of the team at Brisbane since 2011. The services are now reaching as far the Gold Coast.

Young people with disabilities need to be taken care of and for this; Youngcare Foundation has been our partner. The partnership has extended to include WMB which provides care for the disabled in Wooloowin.

Queensland was in need of a children’s hospice, the foundation of which has been laid down this year in a partnership with Queensland Kids. There are vulnerable kids in the society that need to be turned to a productive segment of the society. This is done with the help of our partners and compassion, sympathy and passion become the strengths that drive these projects. All over the world, there are children with life limiting conditions. The organization is but playing its part in helping those that are near them. Families do not have to travel to faraway places to access a respite centre for the terminally ill children. This has become possible through the collaboration between Queensland Kids and Wesley Mission Brisbane.

Another partner project of the organization is housing for people with a mental illness. This is done in collaboration with Mantle Housing. Given the nature of our job it becomes immensely important for all sectors of the society to play their part in the development of the society; especially those people who are in need of a fulfilling and independent life. It is expected that the first village for people enduring mental illness will open in 2015. More than 10% of the population of Queensland is suffering with mental problems. It is programs like this where few would find solace.

Mantle Housing and Wesley Mission Brisbane have partnered in a program where the homeless people are provided with well built houses. Approximately 10 percent of the people in Queensland are living below the poverty line. When half the income goes into rent, there is very little left for necessities like food, electricity, clothes and schooling. The first village that opens in 2015, has left a lot of people in anticipation and excitement where they believe they would be able to live fulfilling lives.

The partner organizations are run by their own managers and staff members. Their operations are assisted by the mission being narrated.


The mission of this organization is evident from its working. Their statement makes use of words like compassion, promoting choice, community wellbeing and independence.


Integrity, Innovation, Hope, Empowerment, Respect, Compassion, Justice

Services offered

There are Multiple services offered by the mission. They are:

  • Day respite therapy
  • The Albert Street Church
  • Youth and family services
  • In-home care
  • Supported accommodation
  • Residential aged care
  • Community support and drop-in centres
  • Education and childcare
  • Disability services
  • Homeless services
  • National Auslan Interpreter Booking
  • Modern independent retirement communities Payment Service (NABS)
  • Emergency relief
  • Employment services

Get Involved

Hundreds of calls are received by the staff on a daily basis which tell of distressed people in the region. While many of the calls are answered to, there are limitations of the mission. With more than 9% people living below the poverty line, homelessness or less food and nutrition are common problems that people face. With the help of volunteers and donations, the Wesley Mission Brisbane can overcome many problems that arise due to lack of funds.

There are several ways through which volunteers can get involved with the charity mission. Rest assured that all your energies will be channelled towards something productive that will benefit thousands of Queenslanders. You could feed an elderly, help a kid stay in school, educate toddlers so that they become socially productive or find employment for disabled people. Three main ways to become a part of this are corporate engagement, volunteer work and donations.

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