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Wheelchair Sports NSW

Supporting and conducting events and programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels in 14 sports. Based in Ryde, Sydney.

A charitable organization, Wheelchair Sports NSW is in charge for the promotion, development, and the delivery of wheelchair sport in New South Wales. It is the peak NSW sports organization that helps people having disabilities that range from spinal cord injury, amputation, quadriplegia, paraplegia, spina bifida to other disabling conditions that are similar. The organization was set up in 1961 as the Paraplegic Sports Club, a part of ParaQuad, also known as the Paraplegic Association of NSW. The organization provides a variety of sports facilities, programs and financial assistance from the beginners up to Paralympians.

Wheelchair Sports changes lives through the provision of opportunities for people having a disability to be able to enrich their own lives through sporting activities. Through using sport as a channel of powerful tool of rehabilitation after catastrophic illness and/or injury, Wheelchair Sports NSW purposes to better assimilate individuals into the society and offer great individual fulfillment.

ClubsNSW is happy to be associated with and to support annual fundraising luncheon held by Wheelchair Sports NSW, which goes to celebrate the Wheelchair Sports NSW membership whilst bringing together support for more junior participation and the development of athlete achievement.

The History of Wheelchair Sports NSW

A meeting was held in April of 1961 at the hydrotherapy poolside of the Prince Alfred Hospital and as a result, the Paraplegic Association of NSW was established (afterwards known as Paraquad). At that time a Committee was established and later in the year it was determined to create the Paraplegic Sports Club of New South Wales. The initial meeting of the Paraplegic Sports Club was convened at a jewellery shop belonging to Bruce Thwaite in Concord in October of 1961. This came to be referred to as the Para Sports Club – also affectionately known as ‘The Club’ – a phrase which some of the older members are continuing to utilize to date. The friendship and companionship shared between the members during this phase was extremely important towards the growth and development of the Association. Additionally, this support assisted the members to achieve and improve in their preferred sporting areas.

In the initial days the spotlight was towards sport as rehabilitation and providing members a healthy lifestyle through social activities, peer support and mentoring. At first, the notion of promoting a local sporting organization which would be supporting elite wheelchair athletes plus newcomers to sports involving wheelchair as is evident today had not been conceived.

At all times, there are always fine people working inside the Association – both unpaid and paid – who give their commitment, body and soul totally to the organization. Organization volunteers have always had a foremost impact on the way the organization has been growing and developing and they continue to play a powerful strong role even today. Devoid of the dedication and vision of lots of of the volunteers – who include the legends and trailblazers plus the professional staff that were first engaged in the year 1981, the organization would perhaps not be running the dynamic, well recognized operations that are in existence today. Currently, it is viewed by most as a leader in the organization of disability sports in Australia.

In the year 2008, against very stiff competition coming from Surf Lifesaving NSW, Netball NSW and Football NSW, the Association got awarded the by the NSW Sports Federation, the NSW Sports organization of the Year– a noteworthy coup.

The Work of Wheelchair Sports NSW

Wheelchair Sports NSW offers a variety of pioneering sporting programs, facilities, wheelchairs, financial aid as well as support staff to its over 600 members, all between the ages of 8 and 80), at all levels (beginner to Paralympian) in a diversity of sports.

Programs are purposely designed to take care of people having disabilities that range from spina bifida, amputation, spinal cord injury, quadriplegia and paraplegia to other disabling conditions that are similar and these are delivered all over metropolitan and regional NSW to make sure all the members get opportunities to take part and develop in their preferred sport.

The Roadshow

The WS NSW Roadshow raises awareness regarding wheelchair sport, builds a better understanding of persons having disabilities, promotes integration and acceptance, encourages Wheelchair Sports NSW to prospective fresh members and incorporates associated messages on road safety.

The Wheelchair Sports NSW Roadshow is presented in numerous formats:

  • Disability Sport Program
  • Schools Road Safety Program
  • Corporate Team Building Program

From 1961, WS NSW has been offering a broad choice of wheelchair sporting events and programs for athletes of all skill levels ages, in Sydney and throughout different regional centres in across NSW. Currently they are catering for 14 different games including; Athletics, Rugby, Tennis and Basketball.

School roads safety program

The Wheelchair Basketball and School Roads Safety Program visits in excess of 250 schools in New South Wales and participates in a variety of community programs during the whole the year that include The Youth & Road Trauma Forum held every year at Allphones Arena.

Getting Involved Whether you’re an elite athlete, new to wheelchair sports or just interested in being one of the valued corporate partners, volunteers or supporters, Wheelchair Sports NSW got something special for you!

How Could You Assist

Wheelchair Sports NSW heavily depends on the involvement and support of the broader community to continue in delivering the programs. There are lots of ways you could become involved and assist in enriching the lives of persons having a physical disability through sports participation:

  • Volunteering
  • Donating
  • Fundraising
  • Corporate challenges
  • Annual Luncheon
  • Bequesting
  • ASX Art raffle
  • A day at the races
  • Conquer City2Surf
  • Stacking Goudkamp on Golf day
  • Partnering

Becoming a Member

To become WS NSW member opens up lots of opportunities. The yearly membership period is from April through March and at all times, new members are welcome. Join today and get involved.

Membership Benefits include:

  • To be entitled to a loaned sports chair to start your new sporting effort;
  • Eligibility to take part in any of the events;
  • To be eligible to get funding as an element of the Grant and Scholarship plan
  • Networking and socializing with other athletes and members
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