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Applied Behaviour Analysis or in short ABA is an evidenced based approach and demonstrated to be among the best treatment for kids having autism.

Applied Behaviour Analysis or in short ABA is an evidenced based approach and demonstrated to be among the best treatment for kids having autism. Woodbury is a small sized independent school for kids having autism that employs the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles in teaching kids the skills they will need to live independently as grownups and hopefully assume their correct position in their community as adults that are fully functioning. The Woodbury programs focus on areas like behaviour; academics; communication; social and play skills; and the child’s daily living skills.

Owing to the limited funding from the government that is available and the high level of expertise and staff necessary for implementing an ABA program in a school environment, most of the Woodbury income gets derived from contributions coming from the parent. Besides the families having to pay high fees, the families are also actively engaged in fundraising to keep the school fees to bare minimum. This in effect places huge pressure on the families who already are bearing very high degrees of stress through caring for their child who is having a lifelong physical disability.

The Woodbury Background

Woodbury, located in Baulkham Hills at Balcombe Heights Estate, is an independently run school for kids having autism. This is the premier school of its nature in Australia, and it teaches students employing the ABA methodology. Worldwide, there are lots of similar schools, but the Woodbury school is the only such type of independent stand-alone autism school in all of Australia. It is the only one that is exclusively employing the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), a comprehensive treatment for Autism confirmed through numerous rigorous scientific researches to be extremely effectual.

Located in a former orphaned children Masonic school, the school has been set in incredibly attractive and peaceful surroundings. In a zone of open space and community buildings, the buildings housing the school are separated and detached from any other types of facility, hence presenting an ideal location for delivering the curriculum.

The Woodbury Philosophy

The Woodbury philosophy is simple and straightforward. They appreciate that early childhood is an extremely critical phase in a child’s development and they are convinced a desire for learning is among the best gifts you could award to your kid.

The play-based fun activities grant kids the opening of expressing their ideas, experiment and imagine whilst learning. Woodbury also invites families to assist in planning and developing the curriculum, based on the needs and unique personalities of the children.

Significantly, the Woodbury centres are a reflection of the great diversity of the communities in which the kids are a component. Kids have a unique role to play in the communities, the reason why they are working with families as well as other locally based services to make sure that the youngest citizens of the nation are accorded an opportunity of flourishing.

Programs at Woodbury

Woodbury presents an individualized behaviour and education program for every student, covering all facets of the development of the child. Every student got their own particular set of educational requirements, associated to their unique mix of deficits and abilities and their learning style. Woodbury designs and presents an individualized program matching the unique profile of every student.

The Woodbury school’s program is in full compliance with New South Wales Board of Studies regulations. Specifically Woodbury targets social skills; motor skills; communication; leisure and play; skills for independent living; and academic skills. This aim of this approach is to address all of the development needs of a child in a single comprehensive program. The school got an extremely high ratio of staff-to-student and always utilizes Applied Behaviour Analysis teaching methodology.

When you live in Australia, offering your child with a suitable and fitting education ought not to be a financial choice for families, although this is occurring more frequently. Woodbury needs your financial backing in order to make this load lighter for the Australian families that are constrained by financial limitations and make Woodbury very accessible for additional kids.

Prospective Supporters

Woodbury is a special stand-alone school for kids who are suffering from autism. They offer specialized education for the kids employing the Applied Behaviour Analysis principles, the best practice when it comes to teaching methodologies for kids having autism. Besides offering the children with education, they are also providing trainings for staff in terms of delivering the ABA programs. Additionally, they are also giving training for caregivers, parents as well as the broader community for autism awareness, communication and behaviour management while improving the lives of those who are greatly affected by the autism condition. Woodbury at all times welcomes other like minded organisations to learn from their skilled staff about this best practice approach to teaching.

You are most welcome to join a fun and amazing community of people, companies, organizations, as well as governments towards working to ensure that this Woodbury mission becomes a reality! Of course, they require financial supporters. However, they greatly treasure the volunteers too.

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