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World Vision Australia

Helping over 20 million persons yearly, World Vision is the largest charitable group in Australia. This is largely due to the support received from over 400,000 Australians.

Helping over 20 million persons yearly, World Vision is the largest charitable group in Australia. This is largely due to the support received from over 400,000 Australians. World Vision offers relief during emergency situations and operates community development projects that are long-term. Their main thrust is addressing the causes of shortage and helping persons move towards full self-sufficiency.

World Vision has for many years been engaging persons to work for the elimination of poverty and its underlying causes. World Vision remains committed to the cause of the poor because it is a Christian organisation. It works with persons of all faiths, genders, and cultures towards achieving transformation. This comes by policy change and advocacy, relief and development, collaboration, education regarding poverty, and by emphasising spiritual values, personal growth and social justice.

The action that World Vision remains committed to includes:

  • Transformational development
  • Emergency relief
  • Promotion of justice
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Christian involvement through example

World Vision projects emphasises:

  • Needs of children
  • Long-term sustainability and viability
  • Education and skills training
  • Gender equality
  • HIV and AIDS prevention and education
  • Reasonably priced technology solutions.


World Vision Australia was founded in the year 1966, following a proposal to launch a new office based in Australia by the World Vision head in Canada, Bernard Barron. Some start-up funds were granted by the World Vision headquarters in the United States. An evangelical Christian, Greame Irvine, became the head of the World Vision Australian branch. The initial World Vision Australia project was related to the nation of Vietnam.

World Vision Australia, like all the other World Vision Partnership members is committed to the transformational development concept, which has been cast in the biblical framework, whereby evangelism remains an integral component of the development agenda.

The Mission

The World Vision Australia mission is to remain a Christian organisation which engages people towards the elimination of poverty and its root causes.

The Motivation

Being Christian, World Vision remains committed to the cause of the poor. It works with persons of all faiths, genders and cultures towards achieving transformation.

This is enacted through:

  • Relief & development
  • Policy change
  • Synergy and effectiveness
  • Engaging Australia
  • Christian involvement

World Vision Australia Values

The WVA values are at the core of everything that the organisation does. The commitment towards the application of values to their style of working makes them unique among similar organisations.

Christian Values

World Vision Australia acknowledges one God; Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. WVA believes that in Jesus Christ the grace, love and mercy of God are made manifest known to all people. It is from this overflowing of God's love that WVA finds its call to ministry.

World Vision Australia affirms that "Jesus lived, died, and rose again and that Jesus is Lord." WVA desires Him to be at the centre of all they do in their personal and corporate life.

WVA seeks to follow Christ - in the way He identified with the powerless, the poor, the afflicted, the marginalised, the oppressed; in His unique care for children; in the way He respected the self-esteem conferred by God on all women equally with men; in the way He challenged unjust systems and attitudes; in the way He called on us to share our resources with others; in His unconditional love for all persons without conditions or discrimination; in the way He offered new life for all through having faith in Him. It is from Him that the marginalised derives their holistic comprehension of the Gospel that preaches the Kingdom of God, forming the basis of their response to human want.

World Vision Australia has heard His servant-hood call and witness to the example set by His life. WVA commits itself to a servant spirit that permeates the entire organisation. Members appreciate that this implies honestly facing one's own pride, failure and sin.

WVA bears witness to the redeeming grace which is only offered through having faith in Jesus Christ. The staff members who are engaged by WVA are equipped by inherent belief and practice to bear full witness to this. World Vision Australia will continue to maintain their identity as a Christian organisation, while at the same time being aware of the varied context in which they express that unique identity.

Committed To The Needy

World Vision Australia feels called towards serving the neediest persons of the earth; in relieving their suffering and in promoting their life transformation. WVA stands in full solidarity in a universal common search for social justice. The organisation seeks to identify with the circumstances of the poor and towards working alongside them towards attaining fullness of life.

World Vision Australia works towards facilitating an interaction between the affluent and the poor which opens both to the needed transformation. This is done while respecting the needy as participants who are active and not as passive recipients during this engagement. These are persons from whom many others could learn and receive, as well as donate to. The desire for transformation is universal to all. We all share a quest for peace, justice, healing and reconciliation in a world that is broken.

Value People

World Vision Australia regards all individuals as created and treasured by God. They give precedence to people ahead of systems, structure, money and other kinds of institutional machinery.

WVA acts in methods which value the self-esteem, uniqueness and inherent worth of each person -- the donors, the poor, boards, volunteers, staff and their families. WVA celebrates the wealth of diversity seen in human personality, contribution and culture.

World Vision Australia practices an open, participative enabling style in all its working relationships, while encouraging the personal, professional and spiritual development of all staff members.


World Vision Australia appreciates that the resources at its disposal are not their own. These are considered a sacred trust coming from God via donors held and to be used on behalf of the needy. WVA members remain faithful to the function for which all received funds are given and are managing them in a method which brings maximum benefit to the needy.

WVA strives for consistency in what they do and what they are saying.

Being stewards of the creation of God, World Vision Australia cares and ensures that development activities undertaken are ecologically sound.


WVA is partnering with the donors and the poor in a ministry that is shared, affirming and promoting accord in the Body of Christ and seeking to give their contribution to the holistic church.


World Vision Australia is responsive to all life-threatening emergencies whenever their involvement is appropriate and needed, while encouraging creativity, innovation and flexibility.

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