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World Youth International

The main focus of World Youth International is to create opportunities for the community to live passionately and contribute to the worldwide community.

World Youth International is a non-religious, non-government, not-for-profit, non-political organisation. Robert Hoey the late founded WYI in 1988. Its head quarters are in Adelaide, Australia. The main focus is to create opportunities for the community to live passionately and also contribute to the worldwide community; enhancing life quality, reducing poverty and strengthening communities through sustainable projects of development.

The organisation also has organized opportunities for volunteers of more than 3,000 all ages Australians, working in the world's poorest communities. In the heart of the WYI's mission is a strong commitment to the community-led, sustainable projects in development.

World Youth International is in Australia one of the leading non-profit development organisations internationally and has also facilitated a wide range of exciting opportunities to thousands of Australian volunteers of all ages from Kenya, Peru and Nepal, working in a number the world's vulnerable communities for over than 25 years.

WYI Mission Statement

World Youth International (WYI) is a non-political and non-religious organisation. At the core of its work is a dedication to sustainable development community-led projects.

WYI remains committed towards the creation of exciting and innovative opportunities and openings for people to be able to live their lives passionately and be able to contribute to the larger global community.

World Youth International History

As a young man from Adelaide, Australia, Robert Hoey founded this organisation when he was 21. In 1988, several years after working with some teenage organisations and programs, Robert saw the need to provide the young Australians with opportunities to be involved in programs offering support and opportunity of travelling overseas. From these projects Robert was sure that they would gain various skills and some knowledge.

Robert had the ability to act as a role model and spokesperson for the young people and that was noticed by the American youth organisation known as Global Discovery. They invited him to Russia to work on the rehabilitation programs with the young people that were affected with the Chernobyl disaster. Upon return Robert founded the World Youth International.

The first project the newly formed WYI undertook was a fundraising to financially support the 15 Russian teenagers that were coming to Australia for a cultural exchange program. As a result over $24,000 was raised gaining sponsorship to ride bikes between Sydney to Melbourne.

A few years later, Robert was leading a great teenage exchange program in the US and got gravely ill. He had contracted some form of Cryptococcus Meningitis, but he wanted to go home. His sister and mother both flew to be with him, but Robert passed away on the plane.Guided by Robert's parents, Ann and Ralph Hoey, as well as with the support coming from the Hoey bigger family, the outfit has devoted itself to continuing with the vision of Robert and including the support of volunteer in their hundreds have from then since built a children’s home and school in Nepal; kids homes and a fifty (50) bed hospital located in Western Kenya; set up a sponsorship programs for in excess of 300 school students and orphans; as well as overseeing 1000s of volunteers that have taken part in the development of WYI’s projects throughout the world.

The Work of World Youth International

In Kenya, the Nurses in Action program has been developed targeting and other related allied health professionals that are who are zealous about using their skills abroad in a developing world context. You could become part of 6-12 like minded persons every month to help in providing quality PHC in Nyanza Province (Now County), an area that has some of the poorest health outcomes across the entire nation. Volunteers who are on the program for Nurses in Action program are supporting the development and development of the newly opened Mama Ann Odede Community Health Centre in Nyanza.

The global Oversees Action Program, in short, the OAP runs for 5 weeks in Peru, Keya and Nepal and is open to those between 19 and 30 years. No experience o formal are needed to take part on this program, only an enthusiasm to get your own hands dirty! OAP Volunteers are accompanied normally by 1 Australian-trained team leader. The volunteer works on development construction projects that are sustainable in rural setting communities. The program is facilitating a supportive and structured team environment that is ideal for both inexperienced and young travelers as well as those who enjoy to work being part of a great team.

How can you assist?

Reading global statistics on poverty and those in situations of need and want could make somebody think that the global problems are too huge. However, World Youth International however, knows first-hand precisely just how powerful ingle person could be in terms of impact. Even more importantly, is the positive impact that is created when you become one of many that are coming together in partnering with communities in various developing countries across the globe and then be part of their own community based solutions. You could join one of World Youth International’s international volunteer programs and become a part of one organisation that is making a big huge difference in the global community.

WYI's Financial Accountability

Being a signatory to the code of conduct of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID), World Youth International complies with the reporting requirements of ACFID. Also being a registered non-for profit charitable global organisation they get all their financial records professionally audited every 12 months. WYI receives no funding from the government and relies solely on your help and volunteers as well as the kind generosity of people across the globe across the globe. Any gains made every year end go directly back into funding of community development projects and major initiatives overseas.

The WYI Benevolent Trust was set up in 2002. The WYI is the Trustee of that Trust, and is solely responsible for the maintenance of the fund and in assuring that all the funds that are received are utilized for the organization’s principal purpose. A Management Committee directs the Trustee in the operations and management of the Trust.

World Youth International partnerships

The World Youth International Head Office is located in Adelaide, Australia, although the WYI affiliates in Nepal and Kenya are managed independently and are fully accountable to the respective governments of Nepal and Kenya. In Cambodia, World Youth International is partnering with a local Non-Governmental Organization: 'This Life Cambodia'. Field offices have also been established in other countries.

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