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Youth off the Streets

Youth Off the Streets aims to rehabilitate young people of Australia who are homeless, depend in drugs but are trying to recover.

About Us

Youth Off the Streets aims to rehabilitate young people of Australia who are homeless, depend in drugs but are trying to recover. Why shouldn’t they get another chance to life? Our aim is to bring these kids back to high school and equip them with skills needed for survival. They are also given part time or full time jobs so that they can support themselves.

These kids have gone through immense psychological and emotional abuse so they need help in turning around. The organization began working merely as a van delivering food to the homeless in the streets of Kings Cross in 1991. Today, it supports 35 programs through volunteers.


The vision of the organization is to be well balanced and well planned in order to remain focused in the outcomes that will eventually lead to sustainability.


The disconnected youth should find the strength within themselves and become a productive part of the society again through engagement, facilitation and opportunity.


Aboriginal Services

Under this program, the organization aims towards providing the indigenous population of Australia with facilities and improvement in life as many of them live in conditions similar to the third world countries.

Homeless Services

Most young people will not come back to normal life by leaving drugs and abuse in one cycle. Under this program the organization ensures that youth in the streets comes off them and into a home that provides shelter, refuge and protection. This program also includes psychological and monetary support for youngsters.

Education Services

In order to bring an end to the cycle of abuse and poverty, Youth Off the Streets believes in education. Around 50,000 people from the late teens group will fall out of school each year in Australia according to a survey. Youngsters who have gone through psychological abuse, drugs and mental abuse can’t survive in the mainstream education system. Therefore five high schools have been established by the organization.

Koch Centre for Youth and Learning

This centre aims to create a safe and engaging environment in the Macquarie fields. The relationship with youngsters is based on respect, trust and care.

Outreach Services

These services provide youngsters the opportunity to engage with peers and people from their community. For disadvantaged youth, this is a good opportunity to understand the society.

Opportunity Shops

The place where people donate things that can create a difference to anyone’s life.

Residential Services

This is a residential programs that aims towards teenagers who have a medium to high support need in their lives. Indigenous Australian kids are ten times more homeless than others according to a survey. The aim of this program is to provide homes to those youngsters who live in streets.

How you can help?

You can help the organization by making donations and raising funds. Also you can refer a troubled youngster to the organization in case he or she needs help. Also you can give goods that can be used by young people.

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