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YWCA NSW gives support to vulnerable people throughout NSW at those times of their lives when they are most in need, regardless of gender, age or religion.

YWCA NSW gives support to vulnerable people throughout NSW at those times of their lives when they are most in need of it, not considering of their gender, age or religion. YWCA NSW helps families, individuals and entire communities in developing skills and behaviours to become self-reliant and strong.

YWCA NSW forms part of the YWCA global network, one of the globe’s largest non government organisations (NGOs) and it is actively operating in some 132 countries. The vision of YWCA is a world that is fully inclusive where health, justice, peace, freedom, human dignity and care for the global environment are being sustained and promoted.

History of YWCA NSW

YWCA started in Great Britain in the year 1855, founded by Miss Emma Roberts and Lady Kinnaird to offer a safe haven for girls and women who were homeless.

Today, YWCA NSW is over 130 years old, as it was set up in 1880 in Sydney. This effectively makes this organization the 2nd oldest not-for-profit NGO in Australia. It was established as by Mary Jane Barker, the wife of Frederick Barker, then the Bishop of Sydney.

The YWCA's values and dedication to the economic, social, and political equality of all women remains central to all work being done today and this are reflected in the services and programs currently being offered by the 132 YWCA's internationally.


YWCA NSW shares the World YWCA vision of a totally inclusive world in which peace; health, justice, freedom and human dignity, and care for our joint environment are sustained and promoted through quality women's leadership.

YWCA NSW Mission

YWCA NSW is the development of a resilient connected people who are engaged in their respective communities. This is achieved through building both social and human capital.

Social Capital

Through building strong relationships, families and individuals feel connected to their respective local community – their own Village - people sharing their values; people they do trust; people they could turn to for needed support. Social capital is a vital resource for many disadvantaged communities because a resilient and strong community is basically one that is prosperous and harmonious, and is underpinned by the quality of its social capital stock.

Human Capital

Human capital is composed of the skills, knowledge, attributes and competencies embodied in different individuals enabling them to positively contribute to their individual, and their community’s economic and social wellbeing.

YWCA NSW Strategic Focus

All work is centred upon the collaboration with respective communities towards ensuring that services are well coordinated, are targeted effectively and are achieving the best possible results for the intended people and those communities where they are living.


The values driving and guiding YWCA NSW are that:

  • We stand BOLD: daring to stand up strongly for what we are believe in
  • We uphold INTEGRITY: delivering what we have promised
  • We CARE: taking the time to comprehend

Through its member associations, YWCA Australia is providing a range of programs that are aiming to develop women’s leadership, giving support to women and their families as well as their communities during critical periods in their personal lives, and at the same time promoting gender equality.

YWCAs are offering services and programs to in excess of a quarter of a million people spread across 270 sites yearly throughout regional, rural and metropolitan Australia.

YWCA NSW Funding

YWCA NSW has at all times followed a diversified model of funding getting funding from a mix of corporate, governments, foundations and trusts plus individual donations.

They also are running several events throughout the whole year towards raising funds including The Big Picture, Breaking the Cycle and A Night at the Rock Opera.

CEO and Board

The Board of Directors is made up of women coming from varied backgrounds and different skills sharing a passion for the achievement of lasting community changes and improved lives for persons who are in need. They remain committed, having a wide range of skills that cover finance and banking, law, government, human resources, accountancy, marketing, business, and non-executive directorships.

Executive Management Team

YWCA NSW has faith in a sturdy Executive Management team, highly experienced experts in their respective disciplines. This makes sure that the organization is being run with healthy and sustainable best business practices, is delivering accountable and strong outcomes as well as quality service for customers and clients.


Community Programs and Services of YWCA NSW are designed to assist people who are vulnerable and experiencing serious times to develop their behaviours and life skills they require to be happy and individuals that are contributing.

Whether it’s a struggle being a new parent, handling with a teenager who is difficult, undergoing through a tricky divorce, or losing a job or perhaps you are recovering from serious case of breast cancer. YWCA NSW is available to assist people in developing the skills so that they could get back on the right track.

Getting Involved

There are lots of ways through which you could get involved with the work of YWCA NSW. Please visit our website for more details. However, whether you’re donating dollars or talent, your own time, you may rest assured that YWCA NSW is working hard towards driving change in the most disadvantaged communities of NSW.

Workplace Giving

Work place giving is particularly good being low on the administration and cost to YWCA NSW which means that an extremely high percentage of what you give directly goes to the intended cause.

Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteering can take numerous forms. YWCA NSW is offers programs in those areas and regions where levels of disadvantage are their greatest in NSW. Often in such areas, the communities are lacking neighbours and friends to help.

Volunteering gives enormous economic, social and cultural value to those communities in which YWCA NSW is operating. They got volunteers coming from all age groups who are contributing through to mentoring programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters.


To leave a bequest will help YWCA NSW to leave behind a lasting memory of your generosity and kindness. It permits YWCA NSW to go on delivering programs to assist the disadvantaged people to led lives that are happier.

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