Frequently Asked Questions about Prize Homes and the PrizeHomeTickets Website

For quick answers and easy reference, we’ve collected the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find your answer here, please email us at support@prizehometickets.com.au. One of our team will get back to you just as soon as we can.

PrizeHomeTickets Website

What is PrizeHomeTickets.com.au?

The PrizeHomeTickets website is a comparison website where you, the general public, can view the top, best and latest charity raffles on offer all in one place. Think of it as your gateway into the prize home tickets world. Here you can explore the many fantastic options available all from the simplicity of a single portal, rather than searching and clicking your way through a barrel of them. Once you’ve decided on which prize home tickets you’d like to buy, just click on our "Buy Your Tickets Now" button and you’ll be transported to the purchase page of the charity raffle you’ve chosen where you can complete the transaction.

As a member of the Australian public (whether you’re in Australia or abroad), via prizehometickets.com.au you can easily access and navigate your way through the latest prize homes on offer. Choose from some of the biggest and best charities that tirelessly work to support fellow Australians, at a place and time convenient to you. With prizehometickets.com.au you can purchase tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and from the comfort of your own home. View the latest homes on offer, see the results of past raffles and access our great selection of charities and chances to win the home and lifestyle of your dreams.

Can I buy tickets on your website?

No you cannot buy tickets on the PrizeHomeTickets website.

We provide all the information you need to help you make an informed choice and decide which charity to support and which raffle tickets and quantities to buy. Then with one click of our "Buy Your Tickets Now" button we link you to that specific charity's website, where you can complete your online purchase.

We are merely acting as a pipeline to deliver you to their fundraising pages.

Do you collect my email or credit card details

No way!!

We have no way or means of collecting any of your personal information. All purchases are made via the specific charity site of your choice. Your visit to our website is merely logged as another number or visitor via Google Analytics.

Where do you get your information?

All information on the PrizeHomeTickets website is thoroughly researched from the particular charity websites and associated websites related to either the organisation itself and/or the raffle in particular.

What is Comparative Advertising

Comparative Advertising is when two or more products are compared and the general public is left to decide on which product or service they want to purchase based on their own reasons that are reached as a result of the comparisons delivered. As long as the information is complete and truthful, and advertiser is not required to seek permission from those products or services that are being compared. The key here is that all information is available and everything is truthful without bias.

There have been famous instances sited that corporations have had to amend their comparisons based on incomplete information, such that the excluded information left such a bias that the comparison was skewed in an unfair favour.

Comparative advertising that is truthful, and does not lead to confusion is permitted in Australia.

I have not heard of Comparative Advertising, who else uses Comparative Advertising?

You have probably used companies that use Comparative Advertising all the time, and for a lot of other services they may look different and use their own fancy platform but it is very common.

A small list of houshold named companies using Comparative Advertising:

  • Wotif - Accomodation Bookings
  • Webjet - Airline Bookings
  • iSelect - Insurances, Utilities, Lending
  • Compare the Meerkat - I mean Market - Insurances
  • Hotels Combined - Accomodation Bookings
  • Trip Advisor - Travel & Accomodation
  • Choice Magazine - Everything!!
  • Mozo - Banks and Banking products.

The list goes on.

Can you remove our information from your website?

If the information regarding your charity organisation or fundraising venture is inaccurate, then we will certainly amend it. We do not want to portray the wrong information in any way shape or form to your audience.

If your information on our website is correct, then we will not remove it as all information forms the comparative nature of our website. If you have an issue with being associated with other charities and organisation doing good in the community then we suggest you get over it and live in a happy world!!


What charities are you affiliated with?

PrizeHomeTickets are official affiliates of RSL Art Union Lottery and Deaf Lottery.

We have a business relationship with the licenced organisations to:

  • Surf Lifesaving Lotteries
  • RSL Art Union
  • Deaf Lottery
  • Mater
  • yourtown
  • TeamKids Lottery (Adelaide)
  • Act For Kids
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance
  • KidzWish Raffle
  • Heart Research Institute

What is an affiliate?

In the online marketing world and affiliate is a body that markets products and or services for another body that in turn pays them an affiliate commission for an action. That action could be a sale, a lead or a visit to a specific webpage or website.

Many organisations that have an affiliate campaign and actively recruit affiliates run a formal affiliate system which is software that anonymously tracks the visitor activities and reports on the action or actions.

Many large companies understand the massive benefit that an affiliate system affords them, however they can be complex & expensive to run and administer, so a simple fee for service, standard type of advertising program may be more beneficial and profitable.

Charity Raffles

Can you run a raffle for our Charity?

Unfortunatley no, we are not able to offer that service, our skillset and expertise is in online marketing and website traffic generation.

We are more than happy to put you in touch with any of our contacts that are specialists in that area.

Contact Steve on steve@prizehometickets.com.au if you need more information.

Advertising Opportunities

Why do a comparison site for Charity Raffles?

Great question!

Like it or not the Internet is something that is here to stay and it remains the number one place that consumers go to to research, to purchase, to be entertained. It is also an area that leans itself to leveraged promotion without age, gender, location or time boundaries.

Nothing comes close to the internet for cost effective worldwide advertising of your product or service, and if that product or service can be delivered electronically then you have no better medium. However, there are also many limitations for specific & individual organisations wanting to spread their reach beyond their traditional and immediate relevant audiences. This is where a specific yet broad niched website like PrizeHomeTickets has it's place and has so much to offer.

Great timing is the reason we have PrizeHomeTickets as the website in it's previous form was on the market and was purchased in November 2015, we were looking for something that could make a huge and positive impact by pooling our more than 30 years of combined online marketing knowledge and success and offering to organisations that are making a difference to the wider Australian public.

We are able to drive traffic to many websites and generate sales of their fundraising raffle tickets that they would defiantly have missed out on any other way.

For the cost of much less than a local regional radio advertisement a charity raffle can have worldwide exposure to purchasers of their tickets.

How much are your advertising packages?

That depends on many factors, however we have great packages starting at AU$200/mth.

Contact Brodey on support@prizehometickets.com.au

Can we advertise our business on your website?

If you are an Australian registered charity or not for profit - then yes we can certainly help you there contact me on support@prizehometickets.com.au

If you are a business that is not described above then the answer is no, as we are a charity comparison site only.

Contact PrizeHomeTickets

How can we contact you?

That’s easy. Just send us an email to support@prizehometickets.com.au. One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.