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Mater Prize Car Draw 61

Valued at $89,993 and Drawn on the 01/04/2014

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Opportunity they say comes but once. However, Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery begs to differ from such a well known saying as we present you with a number of opportunities within just a year to win any of the mouth watering prizes that we have on offer for all those who purchase Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery ticket including the chance to also win either a Ford car or a Holden Combo car.

When was the last time you got the chance to surprise your friends and family with something very spectacular? We know you really can’t remember as you do not very often get to surprise them. This is exactly what you get the chance to do when you purchase tickets for the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery. Stand to gain the chance to pick two very sweet rides that are well known for their high performance levels from an available four rides.

The rides come with the following specifications;

Ford Combo Key Features

Ford Ranger

  • 147kW/ 470Nm
  • 6 speed automatic transmission
  • 3.5 tonne towing capacity
  • 4x4 XLT crew cab
  • 3.2L Diesel Engine

Ford Focus

  • 2.0L GDI Petrol Engine
  • 6 Speed PowerShift® Automatic transmissions
  • 5 Door Hatch

Holden Combo Key Features

Holden Barina

  • 1.4L Turbo Petrol Engine
  • 6 Speed Manual Transmissions
  • 5 Door hatch

Holden Colorado

  • 147kW/ 500Nm
  • 6 speed automatic transmission with active select system
  • 3.5 tonne towing capacity
  • 4x4 LTZ crew cab
  • 2.8L Td

These are some of the key features that the cars on offer come with. You can either pick the Ford combo or the Holden combo. Once you are declared as the first prize winner of the Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery Draw 61, you will have all that you need to really surprise your colleagues and your family members.

This is the time to let the world get to know of your existence by riding in any of the elegantly styled cars that you get to win with Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery. You are not very likely to get such a prize from any of the other lotteries in town. This is why you ought to get yourself a ticket for the Draw No. 61 and be in an advantageous position to win the ultimate car prize when the draw is made.

Get to experience the magical moments that cruising in any of these cars presents and you will understand why most people seek to ride in such cars.

Below are the ticket details of the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery

Price of ticket Number of Tickets Bonus Prizes
$30 1 $2,500 of free fuel
$60 3 $5,000 of travel and accommodation
$100 6 $7,500 of Gold Bullion
$250 15 $7,500 of Gold Bullion
$500 30 $7,500 of Gold Bullion
$1000 60 $7,500 of Gold Bullion

Becoming a VIP Club member of the Mater Cars for Cancer also gives you an automatic entry into any of the organized Mater Cars for Cancer lottery draws which puts you in a position where you get to win any of the car prizes or other luxurious prizes available.


The Mater Cars for Cancer lottery is now open

Closing Date: 11th of March, 2015

Drawn on: 13th of March, 2015

Win two cars with Mater Cars for cancer lottery Draw No. 61

Tickets from: $2
Time left:
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