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Mater Prize Car Draw 63

Valued at $80,398 and Drawn on the 08/05/2015

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The Cars for Cancer Lottery helps to raise funds that are much needed in financing the activities of the Mater Prostrate Cancer Research Center, Mater Research, Breast Cancer, Multiple Myeloma and the Queensland Cord Blood Bank. The Mater sponsored research is given international recognition for its notable contribution in the field of medical research. Every research discovery made at Mater Research is a milestone towards overcoming disease and illness in people of all ages from young children, to old women and men.

The Mater Research is also committed to partnering research with its application in the treatment of patients. It is this commitment that has seen the establishment of four themes on research. Two of the four themes put their main focus on cancer i.e. understanding and prevention of disease; treatment of the disease.

Understanding and prevention of disease

Basic and clinical science researchers engaged in the theme of understanding as well as prevention of disease strive to deal with some of the main issues that bedevil the healthcare system. This involves several areas that pose major challenges in both developing as well as developed countries. The main areas of research include: cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases as well as inflammatory and infectious diseases.

Disease prevention is most definitely the best way to improve the quality of life as well as preventing avoidable deaths. Mater Research is determined to put into use their pool of knowledge, in the area of fundamental disease basis, to devise appropriate strategies aimed at prevention of diseases.

Bettering the treatment of disease

In the theme of improving disease treatment, the scientists and healthcare professionals are working together in order to help patients who suffer from a wide range of disorders, ailments and injuries. By individualizing healthcare through use of genomic age power as well as employing the most modern diagnostic technology is one of the main pillars in the plans to optimize the outcome for the different individual patients. The researchers combine this philosophy with the newly developed treatments in order to identify the best ways of treating diseases. This is mostly done through clinical trials. Unfortunately, there are a good number of people within the community, who suffer from incurable injuries, diseases and developmental disorders. Through thorough research the life quality of such patients can be optimized.

Apart from helping patients through research in medical care, the Mater Foundation can help its car lottery supporters to stand out of the crowd by offering them a chance of a lifetime to win a car of their choice. This might be anything from a Ute, a sedan or a 4WD worth up to $90,000. The latest win a car competition organized by Cars for Cancer Lottery number 63 gives the supporters a chance to drive away in their choice of the famous Australian muscle car. The winner will choose between a Ford Falcon FGX XR8 or a HSV Gen-F Clubsport R8 as well as $18,124 in gold bullion. Both cars are famous road warriors.

There are only 15,000 tickets in the Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery 63. This means that you have a very big chance of winning the first prize, the fewer the number of tickets on offer the higher the probability of winning. All funds raised from these lotteries goes into offering the necessary financial support in the research and treatment of cancer at Mater.

Cars for Cancer Lottery No.63 Main Prize

If you win the main prize, you are likely to drive away in one of the following cars.

The -F Clubsport R8 from HSV

Whenever you rave the 6.21 -F Clubsport R8, you are likely to feel its earth-shattering power. The monstrous machine comes with:

  • 570Nm torque (DIN) and a 340KW of power
  • Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) with dual function
  • Alloy wheels (20" Cast flow-form) with Tornado Grey accents and a machined face
  • A Preference Dial for the driver
  • Discs which are AP ventilated as well as forge-four- piston calipers
  • Remote start (only for automatic transmission)
  • Hi-Flow intermediate together with Mufflers (Bi-Modal)
  • Forward Collision Alert

The Ford Falcon FG-X XRB Sedan

With an iconic performance, this is one of Australia’s most legendary muscle cars. This option of the main prize is also accompanied by gold bullion worth $18,124. It comes with the following features:

  • 335 KW of power and 570Nm
  • Front fog lamps made of chrome
  • 19" alloy wheels
  • Sports seat inserts made of leather
  • Traffic message channel with satellite navigation
  • Dual zone climate control
  • 6-speed automatic transmission as well as sequential sports shift
  • The machine is valued at $62,274 on top of gold bullion worth $18,124

Bonus Prizes

This particular lottery draw comes with attractive additional prizes worth up to $7,500. If you spend the following amounts on tickets in the Cars for Cancer Lottery, you will stand a chance of winning the corresponding prizes. A book refers to consecutive tickets that are in the same name that may win a first prize. Anyone who purchases more than six tickets automatically qualifies for the top bonus prize. The bonus prizes are as follows:

$30 ticket 1 ticket $2,500 free of fuel
$60 book 3 tickets $5,000 of travel & accommodation
$100 book 6 tickets $7,500 of Gold Bullion
$250 book 15 tickets $7,500 of Gold Bullion
$500 book 30 tickets $7,500 of Gold Bullion
$1,000 book 60 tickets $7,500 of gold bullion

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