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Multicap Prize Car Draw 117

Valued at $35,000 and Drawn on the 01/04/2014

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Have you been wondering how you can totally upgrade your social status with just a few bucks?

With just as little as $5.00, you get to have the following;

  • A total overhauling of your low social status to a new level
  • An exclusively modelled Toyota Rav 4 GX-2WD car worth $35,000.00
  • The chance to really enjoy those long journeys that you normally make
  • A show of respect from both your colleagues, members of your family and even total strangers

To be able to achieve all these things in life has never been an easy thing to do and to even talk of the money that you will need to spend is something that needs not to be discussed on this platform. However, with just $5, you can achieve all these things without breaking a sweat. This is only possible with the Multicap Lottery where you get to win the latest Toyota Rav 4 GX-2WD as your ultimate prize. You may be an unbeliever but you better believe it for the Multicap Lottery puts you in a position to drive home with the sleek, stylish and elegantly made Toyota Rav 4 car.

This is a car that comes with the following specs

  • Manual air conditioning
  • Front and rear electric windows
  • Cruise control
  • Tilt and telescopic steering
  • Plastic steering wheel with audio, MID and telephone controls
  • Front seats with bucket holders
  • GX-2WD CVT petrol engine
  • 5 Doors
  • Wagon body type with metallic paint

These technical specs of the Toyota Rav 4 GX-2WD wagon have raised the specification standards of all cars being made currently. This means that the car you stand to win by entering the Multicap Lottery Draw number 117 is not just an ordinary car. It is a car that can afford you all the comfort, class and respect that you really do deserve in life from people.

In purchasing a Multicap Lottery ticket, you also benefit others in ways you cannot imagine. With every ticket purchased part of the proceeds from the ticket sales is used in supporting people with needs disabilities to help them live an independent and productive life. You therefore can to support a very noble cause and also stand the chance to win the brand new Toyota Rav 4 GX-2WD.

Below are the various categories of tickets on offer at Multicap and their details

Price of Ticket Number of tickets Chances of winning
$5 1 ticket 1 out of 30,000
$10 2 ticket 2 out of 30,000
$15 3 ticket 3 out of 30,000

With every five dollar ticket that you buy, you get a single chance out of 30,000 chances to win the ultimate brand new Toyota Rav 4 GX-2WD wagon car. The more you buy, the better your chances of winning a prize. The 30,000 chances simply mean that there are 30,000 tickets to be sold.


Opening date for the sale of tickets: Now open

Drawn date for Multicap Lottery 117: 11/03/15

You can also join the Multi4 Club and get automatic entries into all the draws that are held throughout the year including the bonus Multi4 Club draw.

Hurry, before all the tickets get sold!

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