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PCYC Prize Car Draw 46-47

Valued at $76,117 and Drawn on the 18/06/2015

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This is the one chance in the whole world that you cannot let it pass you. The wish of the greater number of the world populace is to have the chance to one day be seen cruising through the streets in a 2014 Toyota GLX Prado even if it is for just a day. Well, for you it won’t be just a day but rather forever. Such an opportunity is only provided for you by the PCYC Lottery.

Be seen in such a heavy and well crafted Toyota GLX Prado and be counted among the group of people who are regarded as knowing their way around when it comes to unrivalled taste in cars.

The features of this heavy and technologically well crafted Toyota GLX Prado are

  • 3.0L turbo diesel engine
  • 5 speed automatic
  • 17’’ alloy wheels
  • 7 SRS airbags
  • Halogen headlamps
  • Privacy glass
  • Smart entry and start
  • Reverse camera
  • Roof rails
  • 3-zone climate control air condition
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Premium steering wheel with audio and telephone controls

Cruise in the Toyota GLX Prado 2014 model and get assured and guaranteed of the following

  • An all round safety for every passenger
  • An unmatched performance level
  • The ability to feel as comfortable as you can ever be no matter the type of road that you may be driving on
  • A class and status like you have never experienced before

Get to experience all the joy and comfort in driving in the ultimate classless Toyota GLX Prado first hand only by obtaining a lottery ticket from the PCYC Lottery for just a few bucks.


You can do the entire math like calculate how hard you will have to work and how much you must save everyday in order to get such a state-of-the-art car. It will probably take you not less 10 years of pure hard labour to achieve such a feat. The sad thing about choosing to work your socks off to buy such a ride in about 10 years time is that by then such a ride would have long lost its class and prestige as later models will be a further improvement of the current one.

Looking at the two options gives you the chance to settle for the one that provides you with your best shot at acquiring such a car and you will gladly agree with us that your best shot is with the PCYC Lottery.


The PCYC Lottery tickets are now on sale and the draw will be made in exactly 47 days from now. This means that the PCYC Lottery will be drawn on the 16th of April, 2015. The choice is now yours to make but make sure you do not miss the dates.

PCYC Lottery Number Date for the sale of tickets Drawn Date
46 Still open 16-04-2015
47 Still open 18-06-2015

If you are not that good with dates, you can join our VIP GOLD CLUB which guarantees you automatic entry into all the monthly VIP draws and the 6 major draws conducted within each year.

Tickets on sale for the PCYC Lottery are shown in the table below

Number of Entries Sold for
4 $20
10 $30
16 $40
20 $50
30 $60
40 $80
50 $100
100 $200
150 $300

Ensure that you have a lot of entries in the PCYC Lottery draw by purchasing more tickets and you may be the winner of that powerful Toyota GLX Prado machine worth $76,117.00.

Tickets from: $20
Time left:
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