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PCYC Prize Car Draw 48

Valued at $73,171 and Drawn on the 20/08/2015

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The opportunities that are bound to change a person’s life always do come around but the sad thing is that it comes only once. This is why it is very essential that you pay careful attention to what you are reading here this day.

Have you ever dreamt of the lifestyle below?

  • A life where you can attend grand functions in a very elegant car
  • A life where you are able to travel to places of attraction without any kind of hindrances when it comes to the means of transport
  • A life where you never get to wait in a queue in order to board the bus or a train
  • A life where your ride alone has the ability to make a very bold and confident statement with regards to your statement

If you have really dream of living a life that fits any of the above stated, then you should make sure that you do all that you can to participate in the Police and Community Youth Club (PCYC) Lottery Draw Number 48 as this is the one chance that you have been waiting for your whole life.

What do you stand to gain when you emerge as the first prize winner of the draw number 48?

Emerging as the ultimate winner of the draw 48 presents you with an awesome package which contains the much sought after brand new Toyota GXL Prado. This is a car that is worth a whopping $73,172 RRP manufactured in the year 2014. This unique sport utility vehicle is just too good to sit idle and allow it to pass through your fingers.

What features do you get with the Toyota GXL Prado car?

The ultimate first car prize comes with the following unique features;

  • A 3.0 litre diesel engine that is turbo-charged with 5-speed automatic gears
  • A classically made alloy rims
  • It is also fitted with seven safety airbags
  • A rear view camera which helps you when you are reversing and to also check cars at your rear properly
  • A strong rail on top of the car where you can place some of your things when travelling
  • A climatic control feature
  • An entertainment system

These are just the technical features of the 2014 Toyota GXL Prado which you stand to win when you emerge as the ultimate winner of the PCYC Lottery Draw Number 48.

This is not the time for you to procrastinate as doing that has always left a lot of people in their conditions without being able to change afterwards. It is therefore very imperative that you grab this opportunity with both hands and you will surely be smiling at the end of everything.

What are the benefits of winning the ultimate Toyota GXL Prado car?

  • The chance to cruise through town in your own car and not a commercial or a rented car
  • The chance to let your friends and family know that you are not a failure as they have come to see you
  • The opportunity to be able to travel to any place regardless of the condition of the road
  • The chance to turn heads whenever you arrive at any organised function or event

The benefits that you stand to gain from winning this awesome Toyota GXL Prado car are uncountable and can only be realised in full when you emerge as the lucky winner who gets to walk away with the car keys. A car that is made for all kinds of terrains is not the type of car that you should allow to go to another person whilst you know that you could have done something about it.

Well, there is just one thing that you can do in order to emerge as the lucky winner of this powerful and elegantly modelled sport utility vehicle and that is to purchase any of the PCYC Lottery tickets for the draw number 48. That is all that you have to do. What other way is there for you to win such a car rather than what you are being presented with by the Police and Community Youth Club Lottery? This is why you should make sure you participate in this PCYC Lottery Draw Number 48.

You do know it yourself that if you decide to work and save in order to purchase this car it can take you not less than ten (10) years by which time this particular car would have then been upgraded and the price too would have gone up from the $73,171.

What you need to know about the PCYC Lottery Draw Number 48 tickets

There is not much for you to know with regards to the lottery tickets of the PCYC Lottery Draw Number 48. The details of the tickets are presented in the table below;

Number of Entries Sold for
4 $20
10 $30
16 $40
20 $50
30 $60
40 $80
50 $100
100 $200
150 $300

From the table presented above, it can be clearly seen that the more tickets you purchase, the higher your chances of winning the ultimate first prize which is the brand new Toyota GXL Prado. Buy more tickets in order to put yourself in the best position to walk away with the keys of this awesome car.

Dates to take note of

This PCYC Lottery Draw Number 48 will only be available for a limited period of time and as such you should take note of the following dates carefully;

Opening date for sale of tickets: still open

Closing date for the sale of tickets: 18th of August, 2015

Draw date: 20th of August, 2015

This is your time to drive away in this brand new Toyota GXL Prado car.

Tickets from: $20
Time left:
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