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House with no Steps Cash Prize Draw cash

Valued at $25,000 and Drawn on the 26/06/2019

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4 people voted 4.9 stars.

The House with No Steps draw lets you choose your own prize by awarding one lucky winner $20,000 in cash to spend any way they like. What would you do with that kind of windfall? Would you do the sensible thing and tuck it away or go all out on the vacation you’ve always dreamed of?

Live Your Own Dream

Any type of lottery win is something to get excited about, but there’s nothing like cold hard cash to get your adrenaline pumping. If $20,000 fell into your lap, would you know exactly what to do with it?

  • Take a bite out of your mortgage
  • Drive a new ride off the lot
  • Take a long cruise and enjoy first-class pampering
  • Fast-track your business plans
  • Move forward with those home renovations you’ve been planning
  • Explore the world
  • Help out your kids
  • Upgrade your lifestyle
  • Go on a shopping spree
  • Build your retirement nest-egg
  • Save it for a rainy day

No matter what you decide to do with your prize money, a cash win is sure to tick a few items off your bucket list.

Bonus Draw

In addition to giving you a chance to win the grand prize, your ticket also puts you into the bonus draw worth $5,000. Now that’s great value – and 5,000 more reasons to purchase your tickets promptly!

Important Dates

14 October 2019: House with No Steps draw #43 closes at 6pm AEST

16 October 2019: The lottery will be drawn at 2pm AEST

Get Your Tickets Now

Buying a ticket book gives you more chances to win and reduces the cost of each ticket when compared to buying them individually. A $150 ticket book gives you 48 chances to win and provides the best value for your lottery dollar. Even a $35 ticket book will give you 8 chances and significantly reduce the price per ticket.

Tickets Number of Chances to win Equivalent price per ticket
$30 6 ticket $5
$35 8 tickets $4.37
$50 12 tickets $4.16
$90 24 tickets $3.75
$100 26 tickets $3.84
$150 48 tickets $3.12
$200 60 tickets $3.33
$250 78 tickets $3.20
$300 96 tickets $3.12
$500 156 tickets $3.20

Thank you for supporting House with No Steps. Proceeds from your ticket purchases will help give people with a disability control and freedom, empowering them to lead full lives on their own terms and realise their aspirations and goals.

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