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BoysTown Prize Home Draw 448

Valued at $1,542,000 and Drawn on the 31/07/2015

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Gold Coast Beach Front home or St. Kilda home featured in BoysTown 448

Gaining ownership of a new home is not very easy. Considering all modern day amenities and requirements needed in a home, one has to save for a number of years, before finally being able to afford the dream home.

However, BoysTown 448 Prize Home Draw gives people a chance to become a proud owner of either one of two luxurious homes in Australia – an apartment at Gold Coast or an independent house in Melbourne. With a net worth of over $1.5 million, the grand prize of this lottery can make anyone the owner of a high end house in a wealthy neighborhood.

While the second and third prizes of this lottery may not be that appealing, the grand prize itself makes taking part in this lottery worth it.

Let us take a closer look at the homes to be featured in the grand prize.

The Gold Coast, Beach Front Prize Home

This majestic beach front home is located at Apartment 1103, Pure KIRRA Corner, Musgrave & Haig Streets, KIRRA, in Queensland 4225. Some of the features of this spectacular home include:

  • The home is a penthouse, with two exquisite bedrooms
  • The living area is elegantly designed and reflects contemporary interiors
  • All bedrooms are completely furnished
  • There is a media and entertainment room
  • The home contains a spacious office and work area
  • Bathrooms and ensuites are fully furnished with modern, state of the art fittings
  • There is a large and spacious dining area, complemented with a gourmet kitchen with latest amenities
  • The house has a private pool and a large balcony
  • There is a secure parking space and a private lift leading to the penthouse
  • There is a separate laundry area and cameos around the house

These are only some of the amenities that this house facing the beach has to offer to the first prize winner of BoysTown Prize Home Draw 448.

Furthermore, this property at Gold Coast also comes with various benefits bundled, such as:

  • This penthouse apartment includes $450,000 worth of gold bullion, $59,202 worth of furniture and electrical fittings and an attractive $15,000 flight center voucher
  • Costs for 12 months of contents insurance, council rates, water and corporate body fees are included, along with legal fees for handling duties and transfers
  • The total worth of this house is $1,542,000

These days, while luxury is important in a house, its location is also equally important in contributing to its worth. This lavish house at the Gold Coast is surrounded by excellent amenities, some of the highlights of which include:

  • Overlooking the grand ocean, the penthouse building is only a few steps away from the Kirra beach
  • This apartment is surrounded by many top rated cafes, bars, restaurants and boutique shops
  • This penthouse is located minutes from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, the Tweed and the Coolangata
  • The apartment lies within a short driving distance from the Palm Beach, Gold Coast Airport and Broadbeach

With most modern amenities as also transportation facilities in good abundance, this apartment in Gold Coast certainly has it all to offer. There is no dearth of services around the area and the beach front property is something that will appeal to anyone and everyone.

The St. Kilda Chic Prize Home

Located at 18 Malakoff Street, St. Kilda East, Melbourne, Victoria 3183, this luxurious independent house boasts of a variety of features, including:

  • This majestic independent house has three fully furnished bedrooms
  • The house features a grand and spacious living area
  • There are separate bathrooms for the upper and lower floors
  • There is a separate media and entertainment room
  • The house has an office cum study area
  • While the home features splendid exteriors, it also boasts of an alfresco, a deck and cameo
  • This house has a large dining area and an excellently designed modern kitchen with all latest amenities

These are only some of the many attractive features of this home, which is also part of the winning prize of the BoysTown Prize Home Draw 448.

This prize home in Melbourne is also accompanied with various added benefits, including:

  • The independent house contains furniture and electrical fittings worth $61,852
  • The winner of the home prize also wins a $5,000 flight center voucher
  • Maintenance costs for council rates, water, building and contents insurance for a year, as well as legal fees associated with transfers and duties are included

Furthermore, the location of this home is terrific, with all necessary services and amenities located nearby. Some of the great attractions around this area include:

  • This house is located in the heart of St. Kilda and is close to all major attractions around
  • There are high quality schools, the pretty Alma Park, modern shopping facilities and abundance of public transportation all around the area
  • Luna Park is only 10 minutes away and St. Kilda Pier is only 12 minutes away from this park.

This lavishly designed house features excellent landscaping and architectural construction, with the interiors seamlessly transitioning into the beautiful outdoors. Boasting of world class contemporary features, this independent home is certainly a huge prize.

What is your chance of winning?

BoysTown are limited to selling 400,000 tickets, in draw 448. What is your chance of winning this beautiful home?

You have a 1: chance of winning!

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Ticket price details

Spend Number of Tickets Stand a change to win
$225 15 $150,000
$150 10 $100,000
$120 8 $80,000
$90 6 $60,000
$60 4 $40,000
$45 3 $30,000
$30 2 $20,000

How to win this grand prize

In order to take part in this grand lottery draw, the first prize of which has two extremely luxurious homes in store for the winner, all that needs to be done is to purchase the BoysTown Prize Home Draw 448 lottery tickets. With limited lottery tickets up for grabs, you must make sure to get your ticket before time runs out.

Ticket prices for the lottery cost $15. However, purchasing multiple tickets increase the chances of winning significantly. With 400,000 tickets being sold overall, the chances of winning by putting in $15 is only $10000. However, if 10 tickets are purchased worth $150, the chances of winning increase dramatically, up to $100,000.

The lucky draw for BoysTown 448 is open currently. Sale of lottery tickets, subject to availability, ends on 29 July 2015 and the winning tickets will be drawn on 31 July 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know a little more about BoysTown Draw 448 and the commonly asked questions? Take a look below:

How many tickets are available?

BoysTown Draw 448 has a total of 400,000 tickets available.

When is Draw 448 drawn?

BoysTown's latest home will be drawn on the 31/07/2015 and results published here shortly after.

How much is BoysTown 448 worth?

Draw 448 is valued at $1,542,000.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for this draw start at $15.

Tickets from: $15
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